xxxx brewery & alehouse - black st & paten st, milton qld 4064

Reviewed  - 10 October 2018

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Andrew - The XXXX Alehouse in Milton; is there anything else more iconic in Brisbane? Apart from the NRL statues at Suncorp Stadium and the Skyneedle I can’t think of anywhere else that makes you more proud to be a Queenslander. Paul and I had heard whispers of one of the best Parmi’s deals in Brisbane, a $10 Parmi on a Thursday at the XXXX Brewery & Alehouse…was it too good to be true?

I’ve been wanting to head over here for quite a while to check out the restaurant, hearing great reviews from those who had already visited or done a brewery tour. We made our way over to Milton taking in the fresh hops in the air, ready for what the XXXX Alehouse could cook up.

For starters, an amazing restaurant/pub; I honestly was so pleased when I arrived! The perfect mix of an upper market pub feel, with a pool & foosball table to boot. We locked in our orders; $10 for a Parmi and $10 for a jug of XXXX…name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait.

Being not to sure what to expect for such a cheap meal we were blown away…XXXX you never let me down. A massive Parmi tantalizingly served on wooden board, with fresh side salad and crunchy chips. I’m putting it out there, this is now my favourite Parmi in Brisbane. A huge call I know, but it was incredible. A thick, well cooked, well crumbed chicken breast. Ample amounts of sauce and generous lashing of ham. Yes the Parmi was served on the chips…but that’s because it was so damm big there wasn’t room for anything else, it was hanging off the board! The salad was light and refreshing and I was over the moon to wash it down with some Milton Mangoes.

If you are in Brisbane you owe it to yourself to get to XXXX Alehouse to try their Parmi; for $10 on a Thursday it’s a no brainer!

My Score - 9.5/10

Paul - Shut up and take my money! $10 Parmi and $10 Jugs of Gold on a Thursday night…this is the stuff wet dreams are made of. Why had we never been here before?

The Parmi offered at the $10 price point was a MONSTER!!! The chicken easily took up half the wooden plate, the crumb was super tasty with a hint of spice and a homemade feel to it. The blended cheese was soft but had a very consistent golden brown look. The ham was a huge slice that covered the whole Parmi and it was very interesting to see the Napoli sauce on top of the ham for once, which helped to maintain the crispy crumb.

To add to the experience was a decent portion of hand cut chips with a fresh side salad which included olives! WINNING!

Throw in the fact that the pool and foosball tables are free Thursday nights and it turns into an amazing experience.

This Parmi is #1 for me so far in 2018.

My Score - At a $10 price point I give this 9.8/10, at full price 9.2/10

XXXX Brewery Parmi
XXXX Brewery Parmi 2
XXXX Brewery Parmi 3

Rating - Score 9.6/10  - This is it folks, the newest and greatest Parmi in Brisbane. Get down on a Thurday night for a $10 Parmi and jug of Milton’s finest.