twin waters golf club - 151 ocean drive, twin waters qld 4564

Reviewed  - 18 January 2018

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Here at ParmiHunter, we enjoy a relaxing round of golf from time to time but have never come across a golf club with a Parmi worth writing about. That all changed on New Year’s Eve after an early morning round where a cold beer and a decent feed was in order afterwards.


The Parmi offered at Twin Waters was a MONSTER!!! The chicken was easily over an inch thick with a breaded crumb that was super tasty with a hint of spice.

The blended cheese was soft but had a very consistent golden brown look.  The ham was substituted for crispy bacon, and the homemade tomato sauce had a unique flavour and included what looked like sun dried tomatoes.

There was a generous portion of chips and the fresh side salad turned this into a great Parmi.

While this is one of the biggest Parmis I have had in a while, it didn’t felt like a chore to eat, every bite was as delicious as the previous.


Twin Waters Parmi

Rating - Average Score 8.2/10  - This was just what the doctor ordered after a hot morning playing golf