Transcontinental Hotel - 482 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Reviewed  - 10 July 2019

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Review: A pub lunch in the city? Early knock off Friday afternoon drinks? Whatever is your choice, a trip to the Transcontinental Hotel is a staple for any city worker. We ventured in one early Friday arvo to sample another of Brisbane's local Parmi’s.

Having been once before for an off the books Parmi I had reasonable expectations of what the parmi was like. You always know at any of your hotel venues you’re guaranteed a decent Parmi, and there is no exception here. A reasonable sized chicken breast, a large handful of chips and decent sized salad all wrapped up in a $24 price point (little steep, but hey you are in the city).  

Chicken itself was well cooked and super crunchy. Cheese was melted perfectly and nicely garnished; however, would of liked a little more Napoli sauce. Chips and salad you’re standard affair, nothing standout about them.

For me an all over decent Parmi; however, a little steep at its current price point of $24.

Transcontinental Hotel Parmi

Rating - 7.5/10  - The Trans Hotel is always a good wind down afternoon to end your week and if you feel like splashing out you won’t be disappointed with the Parmi.