THE TINGALPA HOTEL - 1563 Wynnum Rd, Tingalpa QLD 4173

Reviewed  - 9 April 2015

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Located on a busy section of Wynnum Road this hotel, formally known as the Royal Mail, has undergone a face lift lately and offers a very welcoming and family orientated feel to it. After a hard earned victory against our number one enemy at the cricket complex next door, it would have been rude not to pop in for a couple of victory beers and a Parmi. 


The hotel offers two menus. The bar menu with a plain chicken schnitzel for $12 and the main menu with the traditional chicken parmigiana for $21. Of course the traditional Parmi was chosen.

On first impression I was very excited; good sized Parmi with a good portion of chips and a side salad that could have been its own meal. Presentation wise everything really looked good!

As I started to eat a little bit of disappointment kicked in…the thickness of the chicken was consistently thin…I enjoy nothing more than a thick, juicy chicken breast on my plate. In saying that, the crumbed outside had a good, spicy flavour to it which helped to make the chicken more enjoyable.

The real winner here is the toppings. The ham is thick, the Napoli sauce serving just right and the cheese soft and tasty. Every bite had the perfect mix of flavours from all 3 toppings.

I really enjoyed the side salad and chips. Salad was garnished with a nice dressing and full of fresh ingredients, and the chips were tasty beer battered chips.


Rating - 7.5/10: Overall this is a decent Parmi. Marks were lost for the thickness of the chicken breast and the price. 

If you are looking for a place to take the kids where you can enjoy a beer, watch the footy or play a game of Keno then The Tingalpa Hotel is for you. The hotel has an outdoor playground and kids room full of video games and toys. It will be sure to keep them busy while you enjoy some “me” time.