Reviewed  - 29 June 2015

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Heading out to the Wickham on a Wednesday could potentially raise a few eye brows amongst our friends, but we were out there on a mission. Rarely going to the Wickham before (once during a pub crawl) we didn't have any idea of what the venue and food was really like. The back beer garden area has undergone massive renovations and feels like it has been pulled from trendy West End itself. The menu has also had a nice upgrade and the Parmi makes its way onto the specials menu.


Andrew - As soon as it arrived we were both surprised at how big it really is! The Parmi takes up majority of the plate, with a reasonable serve of chips and salad to the side. With first taste it was obvious this is a quality Parmi. It features a massive chicken breast with a mixed herb and panko crumb. The chicken breast was also of a decent thickness which managed to retain its moisture throughout. This was in part due to the large piece of ham covering the entire Parmi. This created a perfect barrier between crumb and sauce that worked to ensure no sauce was let through to soak into the crumb for too long.

One of the best surprises for me was the fresh Napoli sauce that featured on the Parmi. It had large chunks of tomato, onion and herbs which worked wonderfully with the chicken. It has been one of the best tasting sauces I have had for a while. What was also nice to see was a sauce and cheese combo that basically covered the whole chicken. There was no lacking of toppings on this Parmi and that’s the way it should be! The cheese was gooey, the sauce was flavoursome and the ham was a plenty; tick, tick, tick!

Normally the chips and side salad we get as a little lack luster but this wasn’t really the case here. I got some super crunchy chips which had some chicken salt on top aswell as a nice fresh salad with garnish. One of the best additions we have come across so far though was not on the plate itself, but in the form of complimentary sauces. A unique selection of imported USA sauces sit on every table to sample. These went down a treat with our Parmi and chips!

For $18 this really is a top notch value Parmi that I ‘almost’ struggled to finish! If anyone asks where to go for a Parmi in the Valley you can bet this place has my vote!

My Score - 9.3/10

Paul -  After receiving an email from The Wickham Hotel saying their Parmi would blow our socks off I was very excited to give it a try.

Arriving at the venue we decided to sit in the Garden Bar which had a great relaxing feel to it. The Parmi arrived not too soon after and let me tell you…shit this thing was big!!!

This Parmi has everything…thick chicken breast with amazing tasting crumbs, melting cheese cooked to perfection, ham and bright red sauce just right.

Starting from the corner closest to me I noticed a few things…the chicken breast was a good thickness, the crumbed outside was crispy with a bit of spice, the cheese was soft with a gold brown look, the ham was one big slice that covered the whole Parmi which help to stop the sauce from making the crumbs soggy and the Napoli sauce had a great homemade feel to it.

There was a generous portion of chips and the fresh side salad that turned this into a great Parmi. The selection of sauces at every table was a huge winner for me.

While this is one of the biggest Parmi’s I have had to date it never felt like a chore to eat, every bite was as delicious as the previous.

Again, another Parmi added to my favourites list. 

My Score - 8.5/10


Rating - Average Score 8.9/10  - For $18 this is a well priced, bang for your buck Parmi. There was alot to love at the Wickham Hotel and the Parmi was right near the top of that list. If you can get there, this Parmi is the one to try around Fortitude Valley!