THe shafston hotel - 3 lytton road, east brisbane 4169

Reviewed  - 18 March 2015

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Venturing out on a Wednesday for The Shafston Hotel's 'Monster Parmi Night' we had high expectations for what they had to offer. Trivia and Parmi's are a good combo but could they live up to the hype?


Andrew -  This Monster Parmi Night has been recommended to us a fair bit so we needed to get out and try it. For $15 you have the choice of 4 Parmi's with other 'deluxe' Parmi costing upwards to $27. I opted for the traditional Parmi and for $15 thought I couldn't go wrong.

First of the bat the presentation of the Parmi is pretty good! A big selling point for me was that I could swap out my chips for wedges…how good is that!? 

The chicken itself is one of your standard pub schnitzels. It has that mass produced, frozen feel to it which was disappointing to see. Because of this, you get that dry chicken feeling and even though there is decent thickness to it, the chicken just isn't up to scratch.  A reasonable crunch to the crumb, especially on the edges but this starts to soften up towards the centre.

The sauce itself is pretty decent. It has a pizza sauce flavour to it, so it’d say both the Pizza’s and Parmi’s share the same Napoli sauce. It is a pretty strong flavour but thankfully is pretty tasty.

The cheese and ham are also decent. As you can see my cheese got a bit burnt on the top but you couldn't really notice any flavour change. Also the Parmi had a nice thick slice of ham which went really well with the cheese. Overall all the toppings were above average and tried there best to boost the underwhelming chicken.

No real special points for the salad, at the end of the day just your standard salad. Slightly dressed which helped to increase its flavour but overall pretty standard. As mentioned though big winner on the wedges as those were a great unexpected surprise.

Overall for $15 this is your standard pub schnitzel with some above average toppings. It was really disappointing to see a frozen schnitzel on the heralded ‘Monster Parmi Night’, but as the Hotel was packed for trivia they must be pumping out Parmi’s all night for the punters. 

My Score - 6.5/10

Paul - 

Monster Parmi Wednesdays at the Shafston so I decided to go for the monster of meals…the schnitzel with BBQ pork ribs topper. The option of chips or wedges made for an interesting choice but being a traditionalist I went with the chips.

On a side note, when ordering at the Shafston, if the staff member does not ask if you would like to order garlic bread, you will receive a free one so make sure you listen out.

When placed on the table the meal was HUGE! The BBQ pork ribs covered any sight of the chicken and chips. I was instantly excited for this challenge.

My excitement quickly turned to disappointment once I started eating. The ribs were very dry and the sauce burnt…I’m not sure how others like their ribs but I like mine with the sauce still wet. The crumbed chicken was flavourless with the only saving grace being the tasty chips and a fresh salad.

For the extra price I paid I was not satisfied. Looking back I wish I ordered the traditional parmigiana. 

My Score - 5.5/10


Rating - Average Score 6/10  - Overall the chicken here is a let-down feeling like your stock standard pub schnitzel. We believe a change in chicken could make this a great Parmi. That said the venue has a great atmosphere with the trivia running in conjunction with the Monster Parmi Night.