Reviewed  - 10 March 2016

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Leaving the City on a Friday and heading to Marooka isn't a usual for us, but after seeing some amazing pictures on social media the owners of the Red Lion Hotel reached out to us to see if their Parmi could compete with the best in Brisbane!


Andrew - After being greeted by the lovely staff we sat down to what we knew would be a great Parmi. Recently going through some renovations, the Red Lion Hotel is out there to try bring the locals back in with a new menu and atmosphere. I loved the new renovations and gazing out into the sunset with a cold beer was the perfect way to spend the night.

Once the Parmi arrived it was evident some love had been put into it. "Cheese-us Christ' I exclaimed at the sight of the Parmi. Some of the tastiest looking cheese I have seen on a Parmi to date (*spoiler alert - it also tastes phenomenal). Secondly, one of the largest Parmi's I have also had!.

Onto the Parmi, as mentioned this a huge bird that was both thick and moist...(no other way to describe it, minds out of the gutters please). Bring your appetite as this bad boy will fill you up. A breadcrumb crunch like I have not had before was also featured, reminded me of a tempura but only in crunch and not flavour.

Cheese for me is the winner of the night. This cheese is crispy all over yet perfectly melted underneath. Some of the best cheese I have had, I couldn't get enough. Lovely house made Napoli sauce perfectly mixing in with melted cheese is a winning combination on any day really. We are however let down here by a lack of ham. I've said before I'm not a huge stickler for ham on a Parmi, as long as the other toppings make up for it, and here it is thankfully not extremely missed. Though it would of been nice to see, it really didn't distract from the meal overall.

Shoutout to the rocket salad and parmesan side. If Parmesan is your thing (who's isn't?) then you'll dig this little salad.

My Score - 9.2/10

Paul -  I have three words…CHEESE, CHEESE and CHEESE!!!

If you love cheese then you need to quickly head to The Red Lion Hotel and get yourself one of their Parmi’s!

This Parmi is now my new favourite in Brisbane and it is all because of the cheese. On top, the cheese was dark brown, crispy and when tapped with your knife it was like a loud knock at the front door but then you cut into the Parmi and the cheese is soft and stringy…oh and the flavor is out of this world.

 As for the rest…

The chicken was a great sized portion with a good consistent thickness (mine looked like a love heart), the crumbed outside was crispy with what I thought was a tempura taste. The Napoli sauce was house made with great flavour but not enough to take away from the cheese.

 There was a generous portion of chips and the fresh side salad made with rocket, parmesan and cherry tomatoes turned this into a great Parmi combo.

The only thing missing was the ham but my amazement of the cheese helped me to forget all about this.

The Hotel had recently undergone a total refurbishment and had a great family vibe to it. Watching the sunset over the valley with a beer in hand was a great way to end the working week.

Every week the standard of Parmi’s in Brisbane gets better and better and another venue gets added to my favourites list.

 What do you call Mexican cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese…and because of the cheese I give this

My Score - 9.0/10


Rating - Average Score 9.1/10  - Boy oh boy did this Parmi deliver! Literally the best cheese we have had to date, so crispy and yet perfectly melted. This Parmi brought the goods and we will be back for seconds!