the pineapple hotel - 706 main street, kangaroo point qld 4169

Reviewed  - 1 February 2018

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Review: The Pineapple Hotel has always been a favourite for cricket and footy lovers for pre, during and after game beers and feeds and with the Big Bash season in full swing it gave us a great excuse to stop by for a Parmi. 

The chicken was a good size with a very consistent thickness and a breaded crumb that was tasty and very crispy. The blended cheese was soft but there was not enough of it, it barely covered the ham. The tomato sauce base had a homemade taste to it but again, there was not enough of it. There was a generous portion of chips and a decent amount of coleslaw which is always a winner in my eyes and I would pick over a salad any day!

While this is not one of the biggest Parmis I have ever had, it was filling and packed some good flavour but a bit more sauce and cheese would have put this up there with the great Parmis.

The Pineapple Hotel has been part of the Brisbane pub scene for many years and has great spaces for families, sports fans and punters. It is well worth a visit with mates for a beer and a lazy afternoon.

Pineapple Hotel Parmi

Rating - Score 7.2/10  - More Parmi toppings and the score would have been higher