Reviewed  - 3 June 2015

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Heading out at lunchtime for a business meetup I was finally crossing off a Parmi that has been on our list for a while – The Morrison Hotel. Situated in Woolloongabba this Hotel has got a great atmosphere and drink selection to boot; but can the Parmi deliver?


I was heading out to the Morrison Hotel with a few of my work colleagues to meet up with a bunch of new faces who are soon to be my new work colleagues. The company I work for is currently going through a merger; so what better way to break the ice then with a chicken Parmi! The Hotel itself is fitout nicely and boasts a strong drinks and food menu. Not cheap at $23.90 this Panko crumbed Parmi has been recommended to me before so I had high hopes!

First off, a well presented, reasonably sized Parmi with a change of chips to wedges! What is blatantly obvious from first glance is the ham; diced into reasonably sized cubes. I’ve gotta say this is the first time I’ve seen ham diced this thick on a Parmi.

The chicken is well cooked, moist and the panko crumb is a huge winner. Lots of crunch throughout the dish with an overall nice flavour. Looks were deceiving though, as granted it isn’t the biggest Parmi out there, the addition of all the sides really do fill you up!

Onto the sides I really enjoyed the substitute of wedges in place of chips. You really don’t see it all that often and at the end of the day, wedges>chips in my opinion! You may get more chips with some Parmi’s but because the wedges are so big you really end up with more at the end of the day. The side salad was also light and fresh. A little bit of dressing helped to pull it all together nicely.

Onto the sore thumb of the plate…the ham. Like I mentioned the ham obviously stands out because of the size its been diced into. Though it had a nice flavour they ham cubes were far to big to enjoy in conjunction with the chicken. At some points I literally just found myself eating ham that had slid off the chicken as it buckled under its own weight. If this was diced up a few more times it would do wonders for the Parmi. A big plus though was the fresh Napoli sauce. Fresh tomato, onion and herbs all featured in the sauce that really boosted up the points for the Parmi. Only thing is I would have liked a bit more sauce to go around (especially with all the ham you are given).



Rating 8.0/10 - This was a Parmi that pretty much ticked all the boxes. Unfortunately I think the point of difference they have gone for in the ham is actually a let down; dice this down a bit more and you cant go wrong! *Side note - You can add pineapple to the Parmi free of charge, one for the Hawaiian Parmi lovers out there!