The Milk Factory - 48 Montague Road, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Reviewed  - 25 February 2016

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After seeing this venue advertised on social media for their ‘$10 Parma Thursday’s’ we were keen to see what was on offer. A cheap Parmi can usually mean one of two things, a great priced dinner or a write off. We were hoping for the former and are happy to say we got what we wanted!


Andrew - A cheap Parmi always gets my hopes up. I have visions of melted cheese atop a perfectly cooked schnitzel that won’t put a dent in my wallet and will leave me with a bit of spending money to buy that extra beer. The Milk Factory offers $10 Parmi nights every Thursday. Unable to make it for the Thursday night trade we ventured down on a Wednesday to see if the Parmi was worth full price.

This venue is a cool little joint opposite the Parmalat Factory (hence the name) and features some great antique memorabilia on the walls. Settling down with our 4 pines beer we awaited the Parmi. What arrived definitely left me impressed.

Served on a silver tray with a flyer for the next event underneath has been one of the most unique ways we’ve received our food. Our side coleslaw was also nicely separated into a separate container with a slice of lemon.  Now for your enthusiast out there the chips were under the Parmi, a sin for some and a standard for others. I’m not fussed either way, especially when they taste as good as these ones did.

The chicken itself is a thicker thigh piece of chicken that is firstly marinated in buttermilk and then crusted in an oat based crumb. These few differences all add to make a very unique tasting piece of chicken. I loved the crumb and could definitely taste the buttermilk base. For me the thigh piece was a bit of a letdown, but others do prefer thigh to breast meat.

The Napoli sauce is fresh, featuring bits of tomato. You can tell this has been homemade and it tastes amazing; i could of just done with a little bit more. The ham is also quiet tasty; I suspect it may be a smoked ham much like prosciutto. Overall the toppings are a perfect ratio with the cheese covering the whole Parmi.

Big thumbs up for the fresh hand cut chips and homemade slaw. I couldn’t get enough of the sides and would be happy to have these one their own any day of the week.

Overall for me this has been a really standout Parmi in the Brisbane region. Some love and care has gone into this Parmi and it shows in the flavours. 

My Score - 9.0/10

Paul -  After hearing a lot about the Milk Factory off many sources it was time to stop putting off our visit… and so another date night was planned.

We would start our night with a stroll around the GOMA…which would help to get our appetite ready for Parmis at the Milk Factory and the night would end with watching the romantic comedy DEADPOOL.

The highlight of date night for me…Parmi’s at MF.

The first thing I noticed when the Parmi’s arrived was the presentation…the meal came out on a metal tray, the chips were hidden under the Parmi and the slaw had its own mini metal bowl…oh and the lemon wedge was a good touch.

This Parmi stood out of others due to the chicken coating. Crusted in an oat based crumb it tasted AMAZING!!! I didn’t want it to end.

A big tick goes to the toppings. The Napoli sauce was delicious with a home made feel to it; the cheese was melted to perfection and prosciutto…two big thumbs up for this!!!

The real winners of the night were the sides…hand cut chips and slaw. I can’t describe how good they were you just need to try them for yourself.

With all day Thursday being $10 Parmi’s, this is easily the best value for money Parmi in Brisbane.

Overall, this is one of my favourites and as I am a South Brisbane local I can see myself coming down for dinner every Thursday

My Score - 9.0/10


Rating - Average Score 9.0/10  - Normally priced at $18 this is still an amazing priced Parmi for what has gone into it. If you can make it to The Milk Factory for their $10 Parma Thursdays then you'd be clucking mad to miss it! Wait til you try that slaw and chips and you will know you made a good decision!