THe Melbourne hotel - 10 Browning Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Reviewed  - 5 May 2015

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Booked in for the world famous 'Simpsons Trivia' we found ourselves at The Melbourne Hotel. Skipping the special Simpsons Menu featuring meals like the 'Krusty Burger'; we couldn't resist the house Parmi!


Andrew -  First impressions this is a modest sized Parmi with a generous serve of chips and salad. There is 2 crumbed chicken breasts here so for $17 this is pretty good value considering the size. The chicken itself is cooked well and has a great crunchy crumb. Mine must have been sitting for a bit before it came out though as towards the middle the crumb had started to go a bit soggy.

Bit of a change up here with the toppings with the substitute of bacon in place of ham – mmmmm Bacon... This really added more of a change then I thought it would and was a welcomed modification. Also I was really pleased to see a fresh homemade Napoli sauce. Onions, fresh tomato and even some red capsicum all made there was into the sauce, and you can tell some time has been spent on it when the flavour hits – a big winner for me!

A generous handful of beer battered chips nestled under the Parmi were tasty and just felt like your standard pub chips. However as the Simpson’s said "You don’t win friend with salad" and I feel this was the case here. Salad was also pretty standard and again felt like a standard pub salad. Overall sides are nothing to write home about, but don’t bring anything special to the table.

I’ve gotta say the Parmi really is the winner here and the substitute of bacon was something that got us talking. For $17 this is already a great deal, but if you can get out here on a Tuesday for the specials night then at $15 this is a bargain! We are keen to try the other types available so if you have tried them please let us know!

My Score - 8.4/10

Paul - After the girls from work booked tickets for the Simpsons Best Moments trivia I was excited to get there early and try a Parmi but plans to do so were put on hold thanks to the crazy Friday downpour. Fortunately, after rocking up 45 mins late, trivia had still not started so my first action was to order a Parmi.

On first impression I was very impressed with the size of the Parmi, the chicken took up almost all of the plate. Underneath was a good portion of thick cut chips with the only disappointment of the presentation being the salad.

The chicken was soft and juicy with the crumbed coating not over cooked and with a nice crunch. The chicken was of reasonable thickness as well which helped to keep it nice and tender.

The real winner here is the toppings. BACON has replaced the traditional ham. The Napoli sauce serving was just right and the cheese melted with that good blend of yellow and brown colours.

The thick cut chips went very well with this Parmi but more effort could have been put into the side salad.

Overall I really enjoyed this Parmi with the bacon topping giving it that different edge. I am also very keen to head back on a Tuesday night to give PARMORAMA a crack. 

My Score - 8.0/10


Rating - Average Score 8.2/10  - We had a great night with the boys who host Simpsons Trivia and really enjoyed what the Melbourne Hotel has to offer.  Definitely one of the bigger Parmi's around the Brisbane area with the substitute of bacon making it stand out from the crowd. If you can make it here on a Tuesday for their Parmorama special night this is a fantastic value Parmi around Brisbane City.