the coop bistro - 388 brunswick street, fortitude valley qld 4006

Reviewed  - 23 November 2017

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Formally known as 'The Flying Cock', the venue has undergone some renovations to become the self proclaimed "Brisbane's finest chicken pub". Having been to the Flying Cock years ago ( I popped over with a mate for their 2-4-1 Parmi on a Wednesday special.

Review: The first time I went to the Flying Cock there was a few inconsistencies with our Parmi's but overall they were to a good standard. I gotta say its pretty much the same now, but there are some other changes for the better and worse. The Parmi has definitely changed from the Flying Cock that's for sure.

The shoestring fries are gone and we now have a thicker standard pub chip and the apple coleslaw is now a kale-like coleslaw/salad combo. The cheese is also nowhere near as prevalent as what we used to get. One huge change is the chicken itself; it's a massive Parmi for what you pay (ends up being about $20 each when you factor in drink purchase). So you can see we've got some good and some bad

For me there is something lacking in the chicken Parmi overall. The crumb, though very crunchy, starts to form a weird consistency throughout the meal. My chicken was also overcooked, making it pretty tough towards the end. There was also a lack of Napoli sauce (though we are given a side of chipotle aioli). Though it presents well, and is reasonable value (when purchased on for a 2-4-1 special), unfortunately everything just felt a little underwhelming.

Coop Bistro Parmi

Rating 6.8/10 - This Parmi could do with a little more love for it to live up to 'Brisbane finest chicken pub'.