the aspley hotel - 1247 gympie road, aspley qld 4034

Reviewed  - 29 June 2017

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Heading over to the Northside (aka the Dark side) we heard whispers of a ‘Monster Parmi’. Not ones to shy away from a challenge and ready to take down a monster, we set our sights on the Aspley Hotel.


Andrew - Growing up in the Southside, where the air is clean and the grass grows green you forget there is a dark side to our beautiful city. After hearing there is was a monster Parmi at The Aspley Hotel I decided to hide my valuables and make my way to the Northside to see if it could back the claim.

On first inspection, you can tell this is a big Parmi, so much so the cheese has been excluded for almost a quarter of it. But what we loose in cheese we make up for with a second slice of ham to help cover the chicken. I dug straight in ready to take down the beast and did not falter until the last few bites. Finishing off the Parmi is when you almost hit the wall, but you must keep going. For me, this is probably the perfect ‘large scale’ Parmi size; giving you that totally satisfied portion size meal for when you want to pig out; not too much, but just enough.

Size and presentation aside I felt the sauce was a bit of a let down on this Parmi. It did feel just like you basic tomato paste sauce, probably a leftover pizza sauce. A little more love into this and we could see some progress.

Overall a good Parmi in a nice Hotel. It actually felt  refreshing to get over to the other side of the river and see what they could produce…and I was only robbed $23! (Purchase price of the Parmi)

My Score - 7.1/10

Paul -  Reading the menu for The Aspley Hotel and seeing the words MONSTER Parmi…nek minute, we were on our way there!

Arriving at the venue we decided to sit indoors which had a great relaxing feel to it, trivia Tuesday was in the room next to us and many families were sitting in the outdoor dining area.

After a quick catchup with Derek the Parmi’s arrived at the table. At first glance this Parmi did not look like a monster but towards the end and after a struggle to finish off the last bites, it would prove me wrong and fully deserves the MONSTER title.

This Parmi has everything…thick chicken breast, melting cheese cooked to perfection, 2 slices of ham and bright red sauce.  

Starting from the corner closest to me I noticed a few things…the chicken breast was a good thickness, the crumbed outside was crispy, the cheese was soft with a gold brown look, the ham was two big slices that covered the whole Parmi. There was a generous portion of chips and the fresh side salad turned this into a great Parmi.

The only let down was that due to the monster size of the Parmi the cheese did not cover the whole schnitzel.

At $23 I believe this Parmi offers good value due to it monster size. Again, another Parmi added to my favourites list.

My Score - 8.3/10

Derek -  Our hunt for Brisbane’s best Parmi took us north to The Aspley Hotel, or as I know it ‘The Aspley’, having grown up not too far away. Yes, the Parmi Hunters had bravely entered into my hood - and brought a packed lunch to get here.

If you’re yet to venture to The Aspley Hotel it’s not too far past Chermside. With various indoor and outdoor dining areas, a sports bar and gaming lounge, there is a space for everyone. We skipped the Tuesday night trivia to give full focus on our Parmi reviews – and we’re glad we did as tonight’s Parmi was no mean feat.

Tempted by Topper Tuesdays’ choices for a naked schnitzel - we were only here for their 300GM MONSTER PARMIGIANA for $23.  

While not the biggest the Parmi Hunters have seen, at 300gm the MONSTER PARMIGIANA deserves to be put the test and we were up for the challenge. The Aspley’s MONSTER PARMIGIANA was deceivingly small at first look but the chicken was surprisingly thick and tender. The chicken had a crisp, golden brown crumb with some dark edges from the grilling.  

While the Napoli sauce was more of a paste, the Parmi had two thick slices of ham with nicely melted mozzarella. Due to the size of the schnitzel, the ham and cheese coverage was out of proportion. The chips were fresh and crisp with a light seasoning of some kind, and the garden salad made for a nice decoration to the plate.

As we tucked into our MONSTER PARMIGIANA's it became more and more clear – this was a Parmi made for Godzilla. Each of us were surprised by the thickness and struggled to take our last few bites in dread of an Alien baby that could emerge from our bellies.

We survived the MONSTER PARMIGIANA to tell the tale, or review, and will return for The Aspley’s Wednesday Night Parmageddon!! If a MONSTER PARMIGIANA isn’t enough, Parmageddon offers 5 different types of Parmi, including Mexican, meat lovers and Hawaiian for $15.

Should I find myself in a Monster Armageddon I can think of no better place to hold fort than at The Aspley Hotel.

My Score - 7.4/10


Rating - Average Score 7.6/10  - A monster in size  the Aspley Hotel was a pleasure to visit. If you are brave enough to head to the Northside keep your eyes open for a $15 special on a Wednesday.