The Alliance Hotel - 320 Boundary Street, Spring Hill 4000

Reviewed  - 12 March 2015

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This week I was joined by two friends from England wanting to try out a great Parmi in the Brisbane City area. One Parmi that has been on our radar for a while is at the Alliance Hotel in Spring Hill. Eager to try out this well known Parmi and wanting to give my mates a good experience we set out to see what they had to offer.


Initially we booked a spot at the restaurant to ensure our spot for dinner but were left confused when we sat and checked the menu….no Parmi....Surely it must be a mistake we thought. A little enquiry of staff and turns out the Hotel has a separate bar and restaurant menu, with different items on each. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let us order from the bar menu in the restaurant so we were sat in the bar for dinner....not the worst place you could be that’s for sure! Though it is a little cramped I prefer the atmosphere here by far.

When the Parmi’s arrived we were all pretty impressed by the presentation. One thing that immediately stood out though was the distinct lack of toppings for the Parmi. A little concerning as a Parmi without its topping is like an Accountant without a calculator.

The chicken itself is pretty decent. Not a huge Parmi here but moist, tender chicken the whole way through. The crumb here was a big winner! This is a homemade crumb with its own flavouring that is super crunchy!

As mentioned the toppings here feel a bit forgotten. A little serving of ham and cheese covers an even smaller serving of Napoli sauce. It’s a real shame the toppings have been made so small; as they really are quite good. The sauce itself is a fresh Napoli sauce and the ham is a smokey stronger tasting ham. All together they form a solid combo, its just there is way too little. This was consistent across all the Parmi’s so it must just be the way it is served unfortunately….

Special mention here goes to the servings of chips and salad. The chips are thin cut French fries nestled under the Parmi and flavoured similar to the chicken crumb. There is a generous serving of these so you won’t feel undercut here at all. A big winner amongst the group was the salad. There was no skimping here as the salad consists of fresh rocket, parmesan cheese, walnuts and even a slice of apple! Such a nice refreshing salad which was a hit amongst the group. As we all thought, if we can get walnuts in our salad then we should be able to get a bit more topping on the Parmi!?

Andrew's Score – 7.8/10                                          

Hannah's Score – 7/10

Dan's Score – 8/10


Rating - Average Score – 7.6/10 – Overall an enjoyable Parmi from the Alliance Hotel. Some big ticks from the chicken breast and salad but overall there were points taken off for the lack of toppings. If the toppings get increased here then this Parmi really deserves to be near the top!