Stafford tavern - 51/55 webster road, stafford qld 4053

Reviewed  - 2 May 2018

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Venturing over to the Northside is always a risk for us Southsider ParmiHunter's, luckily a corporate lunch was on offer and you know you can't pass that up.  We made our way to the Stafford Tavern for one of the more unique parmi's we have come across.

Review: As you can see from the pictures, this is not your traditional parmi. Sauce on the top of the cheese? What you talkin' about Willis. Sure it is a bit of a change up but does it pay off?

'You don't mess with the best cause the best don't mess' seemed to be all to relevant here. There's a reason we put the cheese on top, it crisps up, keeps everything in place and just looks appealing. I cant knock the fact that the flavours were all here (bar the lack of ham on the parmi...who knows where they would of put it), but the whole dish seemed off. Sure there is a big tick for originality but overall I don't think it pays off.

The chicken itself was also a little strange, It did get a little impression like it was a frozen breast, slightly overcooked and just a little tough unfortunately.  Standard sides of chips and salad which were of reasonable quality, chips in a basket to save from getting soggy. There is also the option here to pimp your parmi with pineapple and other toppings available. Overall not a bad parmi, but needs to go back to basics.

Stafford Tavern Parmi

Rating 7.1/10 - One of the more unique parmi's we have come across....but sometimes the original is the best.