spaghetti house trattoria - little stanley st & grey st, south brisbane qld 4101 


Reviewed  - 5 October 2017

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Fresh into the Parmi community; we were contacted by our local strongman, Jimmy Huber. Jimmy saved up his cheat meal especially for us and ventured out to the Spaghetti House Trattoria in South Brisbane to sample their Pollo Alla Parmigiana aka Chicken Parmi.

Review: Great location, they took the time out to make sure we had a table and actually called us back with an available one. The service is quite laid back with a high class feel to it. Totally relaxed place. 

I would say, fantastic place to have a meal. Parmi was always gonna be my choice, and being my meal of difference for my plan, worked out well.

Not to oily at all, sauce was sweet and a little spicy, chicken moist and cooked to greatness with light crispy coating and the cheese melted to perfect stringy melty standards..

Salad was well....a salad haha but nice and complimenting.

Medium grade sized chips, so not to stringy and fried to perfection, with not to sickly oily taste. 


Overall Rating 9.0/10 - Damm tasty and flavoursome. As a whole package, 9.0/10 as the place was great!