red brick hotel - 83 Annerley Rd, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

Reviewed  - 8 December 2016

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On our hunt to find the best parmi it’s easy to mistakenly walk past the Red Brick Hotel in Woolloongabba – but only because the beige veneered exterior doesn’t match it’s namesake. However, once inside the automated sliding door the red bricks were clearly prominent at the counter.



It wasn’t before long the boys pointed out Red Brick’s special - and I was instantly sold. “$22 Parmi and Pint”. Add $2 to turn your traditional parmi to Mexican. I took the Donald Trump approach and denied the Mexican; opting to put the traditional to the test. Let’s make parmi great again.  

Being mid week there wasn’t a lot of people, though a few punters were playing pool on the balcony upstairs. There were a number of TVs, making the venue a nice choice to watch a sporting match sometime.

It wasn’t long for our meals to be ready. While the chicken was thin and lightly crumbed, it was deliciously tender. The cheese was well melted, with great coverage over the decent slice of ham. The magic was in the tomato sauce, which was thick and very flavoursome.

From a presentation perspective, the standout on the plate was the salad, as though each cucumber or shaved onion piece was elegantly placed to impress the Master Chef judges. While none of wear cravats, perhaps Parmi Hunter’s reputation for fierce, honest reviews, had preceded us.    



Rating - 7.8/10  - Overall, a very good parmi. And being not too far from the Gabba, I will definitely keep Red Brick Hotel in mind for pre-game pool, parmi and pint.