Little Big House - Parmy Party 2019

It is happening again! Little Big House is hosting their Parmy Party for 2019! For those of you who missed last year; firstly where were you!? Secondly, this is your opportunity to win free Parmi’s for a year! Yes, you read that correctly, free Parmi’s for a year!

Like last year we will be hosting the event at Little Big House on 1st September, with a heap of giveaways, trivia and of course the main prize it is an event not to be missed!

This year Little Big House is also trialling two new parmi creations to celebrate the annual party. We have the Big American Dream and the Big Sombrero Parmi’s. Both of these limited editions are only available for the week of the party so get on down and give it a try!

See you there on the day!

Andy & Paul

LBH Parmy Party