Parma for a Farmer 2019

Last year the Parma for a Farmer initiative took the nation by storm. What was a simple facebook post went viral, sparking pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants and patrons around the country to get behind the Rural Aid initiative and dig deep to help out struggling Farmers. Over 1,500 venues last year managed to raise $1 million to help with the ongoing drought crisis, supporting those in need throughout Australia.

This year, Rural Aid again is promoting the Parma for a Farmer campaign, with the aim to raise $1.5 million by having at least 3,000 venues register.

Having met with Rural Aid spokespeople already the ParmiHunter boys are 100% behind this years Parma for a Farmer campaign and want to encourage all venues to sign up. If you are a venue and wish to get behind this cause you can register directly by visiting or alternatively you can get in touch with us and we will point you in the right direction.

Furthermore, if you have any promotional shots of your Parmi you would like to use for advertising your involvement with the Parma for a Farmer cause, you can contact us for a template -