peel street tavern - 35 peel street, south brisbane 4101

Reviewed  - 28 October 2017

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Legends speak of a venue that is dedicated to the Parmi...Well ladies and gentlemen; we can confirm the legends are true. Peel Street Tavern is the newest venue to pop up in South Brisbane offering 22 different types of Parmi!! There is a god!


Andrew - We heard rumours of a new venue in South Brisbane specialising in Parmi’s from some of our Parmi community members who are in the know. It wasn’t until we actually made it along for the grand opening we saw the potential of this venue and its glorious array of parmi’s. Themed around different countries we have Irish, German, Canadian even Indian themed Parmi’s all with unique toppings.

Opting for semi traditional, I went for a French Parmi – Chicken, Napoli, Bacon and mozzarella…boy was it a treat. A huge serving of bacon ontop of a perfectly cooked chicken. The other boys opted for traditional and a pumpkin and feta Parmi, both of which also looked great. One other little bonus here is the fact that they do Gluten Free and Vegetarian options for those with dietary requirements, a big win for those needing those options (which was the case for one of our guests).

The Parmi itself was delicious, one of the best I have had for quite a while. The chicken was a generous serve and well cooked. Sides are also super tasty, some cruchy chips and a nice fresh side salad a dressing. Sure it’s not reinventing the wheel but it’s done well. The topping are the star at the day obviously with the large array of options available. It makes it interesting and exciting and leaves you wanting to come back to try them all. Theres even an Australiana Parmi with Vegemite !!

This place deserves your attention, get on down to Peel St Tavern and start sampling the 22 Parmi’s on offer!

My Score - 9.3/10

Paul - We have a new player in Brisbane for the best cheese on a Parmi.

After attending the bar opening celebrations for the Peel Street Tavern a few weeks back and getting a taste of what we could expect with their mini Parmi, it was finally time to head back for the real thing!

With 20+ Parmis on the menu you would think the decision to pick one would be hard but being the plain Jane that I am I just went with the good old traditional. The original and the best! 

The chicken was a great sized portion with mine coming in two big pieces with a good consistent thickness with a crumbed outside full of flavour. The Napoli sauce had a great homemade taste to it but I was a little disappointed with the size of my ham especially compared to the giant pieces of chicken I had on my plate.

And now for my favourite part of the whole Parmi, THE CHEESE!!! On top, the cheese is dark brown, crispy but then you cut into the Parmi and the cheese is soft and stringy…oh and the flavour was out of this world!

A good portion of beer battered chips went very well with this Parmi and the garden salad was fresh.

If you love a good selection of Parmi, a wide range of beers and super friendly staff, then the Peel Street Tavern is the place for you. Get on down today.

My Score - 8.7/10



Rating - Average Score 9.0/10  - Get on down to the Peel St Tavern and start sampling their 22 offerings. This is one of the best places in Brisbane for a Parmi! Tell them ParmiHunter sent you and they'll show you some love!