the club at parkwood village - 76-122 napper road, parkwood qld 4214

Reviewed  - 7 December 2017

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Never ones to shy away from the golf course we visited the Club at Parkwood Village after hearing about a Parmi Challenge online; did it live up to the hype? 


Andrew - After hearing of a Parmi challenge we popped into the new Parkwood Village to see what the fuss was all about. This is a seriously trendy little spot nestled in amongst surrounding businesses and footy fields (home of the Gold Coast Titans). Deciding to shy away from the beer towers on offer we placed our orders and sat waiting with our schooners.

To our disappointment we didn’t receive the Parma’cheddon Mega Parmi despite ordering, just getting the standard Parmi instead. Just a little admin error and luckily we weren’t over charged! That being said we were so happy with what was presented the only disappointment was not getting the mega Parmi!

A beautiful chicken breast crumbed to perfection. I’m not a huge fan of shredded ham on a parmi; it does feel a little cheap and looks out of place; that being said there was plenty of topping so thats a plus! Napoli sauce was plentiful and tasty and while you generally don’t make friends with salad, I was happy to buddy up with the fresh salad with mustard dressing, delish!

This was a standout parmi at a new venue on the coast. Hopefully the Parma’cheddon challenge brings the punters in, I know we will be back to give it a go!

My Score - 9.1/10

Paul - The home of the Gold Coast Titans…I only thing I could think of when driving down was “I hope this Parmi is better than the Titans playing style”. As it turned out, this Parmi was the complete opposite! It blew my mind!

The only disappointment of this whole experience was the fact that we ordered the “Parma’cheddon” MEGA Parmi but it turned out to be the guys first day and must not have heard us or realised there was one on the menu.

Now back to the Parmi…WOW! This Parmi had everything! Good, thick chicken breast with an amazing tasting crumb coating. I’m not normally a fan of shredded ham but they got the serving just right and it blended very well with the cheese which was cooked to perfection. AND that Napoli sauce was one of the best I have had in a while.

To add to the experience was a decent portion of chips and a fresh side salad with a mustard style dressing.

Overall, this is one of the best all round Parmis on the market.

Super keen to head back and give the MEGA Parmi a crack and to also have a play on the golf simulators.

My Score - 9.2/10


Parkwood Village 1
Parkwood Village 2

Rating - Average Score 9.2/10  - A top class Parmi in one of the GC's newest areas. We will be back to take on the Parma'cheddon challenge!