north lakes sports club - 36-42 flinders parade, north lakes qld 4509

Reviewed  - 28 September 2017

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Part of the new development in North Lakes, The North Lakes Sports Club is a brand new venue, dishing up old school Parmi’s. Can the new kid on the block compete with the old favourites?

Review: Popping out for a business lunch we ventured over to the newly build North Lakes Sports Club, part of the large scale developments going on in the North Lakes region. This is bloody beautiful venue, fully decked out for the punters and families to enjoy. Think of your normal sporting Club and then bring it to the year 2017, that’s what they’ve done up in North Lakes. Big points for atmosphere!

Loaded in amongst other traditional Club meals is our treasured Parmi. Not the cheapest at $23 ($21 if you are a member), especially for lunch prices I was a little sceptical but was not let down. This Parmi is a hark back to the roots of pub parmi’s.

Completely covered by cheese you could barely see what lay beneath. It was a glorios, large sized tender chicken breast, perfectly cooked and assembled with love. The sauce also stood out on it own as a freshly prepared Napoli sauce. Loads of cheese is always a winner; however, I would of liked to have seen a little more browning on this. The combination here is just what makes it great, everything was the right balance and cooked well.

Sides were good, not great. Standard chips and salad option which as I said, is your standard club meal. For a brand new venue like this I think something like an apple slaw or similar would really be a point of difference. Nothing wrong with chips and salad, just a little boring for this new town venue.


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Rating 8.5/10 - A really good crack at the humble Club Parmi. Like your first car, she may not be the prettiest out there, but she wont let you down.