newstead brewery - 67 castlemaine street, milton qld 4064

Reviewed  - 09 March 2018

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It's been a long time between drinks…so what better place to get back out there to sample a Parmi then Newstead Brewery. Famous for its craft beers we popped over to see if they also cooked up a decent Parmi.

Review: First things first, I’m a big fan of beer, so heading out to a brewhouse for a parmi is like a 10/10 night. After sampling some of their famous house beers we tucked into the menu and ordered the Parmi. Not cheap at $24 I had some pretty high hopes. Paying a premium for good beer is one thing, but the food really has to stack up to pay high.

I can happily confirm this has been one of the best Parmi’s I’ve had of late; and wow you definitely get your moneys worth…its huge! This was actually two chicken breasts, joined by the toppings, nestled amongst a fresh garden salad and rustic cut fries (with bonus aioli). The chicken was cooked perfectly, I was seriously just surprised how much I got, and it makes the price point reasonable. A tasty Napoli sauce was hidden beneath a smothering of ham and cheese; while the rustic cut chips were a nice upmarket option. Salad a little bland with a light dressing but you don’t make friends with salad.

After eating I actually just sat and watched the kitchen (being seated near it) and the chefs were just smashing it and seemed to be having a good time, special mention to those guys for their attitude.

Newstead Brewery Parmi

Rating 9.1/10 - One of my new favourites around Brisbane along with some of the best craft beers in the city. If you don’t leave this place completely full of both food and beer you have done it wrong!