montague Hotel - 363 montague road, west end qld 4101

Reviewed  - 15 June 2017

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Is West End to trendy for the Parmi? We ventured out to try a Parmi and West End’s new venue, the Montague Hotel.


Andrew - This trendy Hotel opened its doors in 2017, aiming to hit the local West End punters and corporate hot shots alike. With a decent menu and drinks list we had high expectations for the Parmi. There is a lot of quality food on offer here (charcoal rotisserie, pizza, burgers etc) along with some decent beers on tap. At a price point of $20 this is not the most expensive Parmi around but definitely not the cheapest. We sat ourselves in the bar area, listened to some music and soaked up the Friday afternoon drinks vibe. I’ve got to say in terms of atmosphere this is the place to be on a Friday.

For the Parmi; on first inspection, a decent sized Parmi with a very generous helping of cheese. Probably not grilled enough to my liking so a little underdone. The chicken itself also unfortunately felt a bit preproduced and didn’t have the tender feeling to it. It was a thin breast that felt a little bit of love missing. The crumb and sauce were both tasty which definitely helped the chicken and cant fault the standard chips and salad sides.

I really wanted to like this Parmi given the great venue and awesome atmosphere but at $20 it left me wanting more. Unfortunately this felt like your average pub Parmi at an above average venue. Like pineapple on pizza, it just stands out and feels out of place.





Rating - Score 7.1/10  - Big points here for the venue and atmosphere. I will be back here again for the vibe and to wind down after a long week at work…unfortunately I may opt for the rotisserie next time.