maroochy surf club - 34-36 Alexandra Parade, Maroochydore 4558

Reviewed  - 28th March 2015

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We have been coming to this club for years. The Maroochy Surf Club is a local for many people in the Maroochydore/Cotton Tree area and is situated right on the beach for prime viewing throughout the day.

Review: This is a decent value Parmi at $20 for non members, and $18 for members. I've been a member of this club for a while so was great to get a little discount.

First impressions are really good. It's a large sized Parmi with a healthy serving of salad and chips. The cheese looks melted to perfection and is covering the whole chicken well.

A nice thick serving of chicken which remains relatively moist all over. One thing I noticed was that the chicken was much thicker then your average Parmi. In the middle there were some really big bites of chicken so that was satisfying! Also a decent crunchy crumb, a tiny bit burnt on the edged but you really don't even notice.

Cheese and sauce are on point! As mentioned the cheese was plentiful and melted to perfection. Gave it a nice crispy topping but still oozing with cheese and sauce underneath. The Napolitana is pretty strong, but has a good flavour.

Again we see some shredded ham. There probably wasn't enough ham to go with the topping, could of definitely done with a bit more. It did get a bit lost at times, especially with the large bits of chicken each fork contained.

Sides are so-so. Plenty of chips cooked well. They feel a bit like beer battered chips; they definitely have a good taste. Bit of a let down in the salad. Not very refreshing and felt a bit neglected. I later learnt that you can help yourself to dressing as it doesn't come dressed, but still a little bit underwhelming compared to everything else.


Rating 8.2/10 - For under $20 (if you're a member) this is a top notch surf club Parmi! A large chicken breast with perfectly melted cheese is complimented with tasty Napolitana sauce and chips. If the salad could get a bit more love then this Parmi is right up there in the Sunshine Coast area.