Kedron-Wavell Services Club - 21 Kittyhawk drive, chermside qld 4032

Reviewed  - 17 August 2017

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Who doesn't love hitting their local sporting Club? Pokies, bingo, keno, live music; what more can you ask for?! Heading back into the Northside we ventured to the KWSC to see if their Parmi cant stick it out with the rest.

Review: We’ve all been there before, at our local sporting club deciding between the chicken or the steak while the local cover band belts out Brown Eyed Girl for the punters. There is a certain charm to be had visiting a sporting club, and Kedron-Wavell Services Club is one of the best around Brisbane. This huge venue boasts 300 Pokie machines, two restaurants, TAB, numerous bars and a bottle shop; it’s the go to spot if you want a cheap, enjoyable night out or to take the family. Big points for atmosphere here as it is truly an enjoyable, buzzing place to be.

The Parmi itself is only available at the HQ Café, the venues a la carte restaurant selection. $22.10 for non members and $19.90 for members represent reasonable value, but not the cheapest around. Generally you’d expect a bit cheaper price for a services club, but that is where they are enticing a signup to the venue.

The Parmi presentation is mixed. For me I would prefer a golden melted cheese. There is a little bit of proper melting here, but it is a little inconsistent overall. Another let down for me is the salad in a bowl. This is an RSL staple, keeping the salad ready to send out with a meal. Not a fan…and it makes a bland salad really stand out. Negatives aside though, this is actually quite a big Parmi. A good serving of chicken that is prepared well, nicely crumbed and tender throughout. The ham is also shredded, sliced ham, ensuring you can get a piece in every bite. The Napoli sauce is also pretty standard; however, I feel a little bit of doubling down here and this might be the house pizza sauce. Overall this is your standard pub Parmi in an above average venue. A little bit goes a long way, and if KWSC put a little bit more love into this Parmi it could really live up to the surroundings.


Rating 7.2/10 - What else can you expect from a services club? These guys have been making dinners for the masses for years. A decent Parmi that ticks the boxes, but is nothing special to write home about.