INTERNATIONAL HOTEL - 525 Boundary Street, Spring Hill Qld 4000

Reviewed  - 13 October 2015

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Finally making it over to the International Hotel in Spring Hill after many recommendations we were delighted with what we were dished up. A nice home made Parmi straight from a pizza oven, washed down with a few craft beers is a recipe for success!


Andrew - First thing I noticed when we walked into the International Hotel is the open kitchen and large pizza oven. This place really puts in an effort with pizzas and only when I got up to inspect our Parmi preparation process did I learn the pizza over also doubles as the Parmi oven. This helped to cook the Parmi through thoroughly and really stood out as a point of difference. The Parmi itself isn't the most visually appealing out there, but it has it's own charms.

At first glace I thought the chicken breast was a bit light on, but the thickness is where it makes up in for its lack in size (you can't say that without dirty thoughts I know). This is a really thick breast fully crumbed with lots of herbs. One of the best breast pieces I've had in a Parmi of late!

The other thing that stood out along side the pizza oven was the ham on top, a massive thick piece of ham! I did feel there was a lack of cheese on the Parmi, but this gives the ham a chance to shine through. A standard Napoli sauce on top also didn’t overpower the dish letting the ham once again take over.

Sides were again your standard salad and thick cut chips. Apart from mustard dressing (not my favourite unfortunately) this were your standard run of the mill sides. A bit of love in this area and this will really bring up the meal.

Overall one of the better chicken breast I’ve had in a Parmi despite its size. For $15 on a Wednesday night this is a bargain!

My Score - 8.1/10

Paul -  Walking into the pub the place does not look like much. In the middle of the pub is an old school oval wooden bar, very similar to pubs in Sydney, something very traditional which I like. Some dinning tables had plastic chairs and the venue was not very busy…but you forget about all that once the food arrives.                      

On first impression the chicken does not look all that big but once you turn it on its side BOY is it thick. There was a good portion of thick cut chips and the salad was in its own little side bowl…something I am a huge fan of.  

The chicken was soft and juicy with the crumbed coating not over cooked and with a nice crunch. 

A big tick goes to the toppings. You can really taste the traditional ham flavour, the Napoli sauce was delicious with a home made feel to it and the cheese was melted to perfection, very similar to a traditionally made Italian pizza.  

The thick cut chips went very well with this Parmi and the salad was just right with a tangy mustard dressing.  

Pop in on Wednesday nights for $15 Parmi and beer and make sure you try some Hipwood Brewery Beer which is brewed onsite and offers a tasty range of hand crafted beers.  

Overall I thought this was a very tasty Parmi with the chicken being the big winner. 

My Score - 8.5/10


Rating - Average Score 8.3/10  - For $15 on a Wednesday night with a beer this is a well priced unique Parmi. The one thing we loved about this place was the Parmi being cooked in the Pizza oven, how often do you see that?? Get in there today and try out a cracking Parmi with some onsite brewed beer!