hellcat maggie - Cnr Rich Lane &, Wharf St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Reviewed  - 12 October 2019

Website - https://www.hellcatmaggie.com.au/

Review: One of Brisbane’s newer bars (Opened mid 2019), Hellcat Maggie is the kind of bar I wish I had when I was living in the CBD. Located just out of the bustle of the financial district and at the bottom of Aurora Towers, Hellcat Maggie is open for breakfasts, lunch and dinner and serves a wide array of semi American inspired foods.

Venturing out to meet up with some of the crew for cheeky Friday after work beers it was all our first eagerly anticipated visit to the venue and we liked what we saw. A trendy intimate laneway styled venue serving quality beers we were not alone with a private function taking up the back half of the venue. I can say I have been back a few times since, I like this bar to escape some of the hustle and bustle of the otherwise busy Friday night rush.

The Parmi offered is served with chunky potatoes, house gravy and slaw; three of my favourite additions to a Parmi. First impressions were very high; A great looking parmi, presented well with all the trimmings. Salad was maybe a little light on, could of had a touch more in comparison to the rest of the meal.

To the Parmi itself, I’m pleased to report it is good! The chicken was potentially a touch overcooked, as it was a thinner piece of breast; however, it was saved by a delicious homemade “Nonna’s Napoli Sauce” and instead of ham we get the upper class offering of pancetta. Like the salad though, I would of loved a little more of the delicious sauce and cheese to really lift the meal.

Overall at a price point of only $19.90 I really enjoyed my Parmi...even more washing it down with a few knock off drinks with mates.


Rating - 8.8/10  - A great new venue to spend your nights, check out their drink and menu offerings; you wont be disappointed!