Grand Central Hotel - 270 Ann Street, Brisbane 4000

Reviewed  - 21st January 2015

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This place is a top stop in the city for pub meals, offering specials throughout the week to get the punters in. We love this place and there is always a great atmosphere here with a decent variety of beer on tap and sport to watch while you enjoy a meal. 

Now "the GC" have recently upped their Parmi game and brought to the menu a combination of 4 different Parmi's. Straight from their menu we have:

  • The Standard Parmigiana $20 - Napoli sauce, ham & cheese
  • The SS Parmageddon $20 - Sweet chilli sauce, ham, cheese &sour cream
  • The Meat Lover $21 - Ham, bacon, spanish sausage, cheese & BBQ sauce
  • The Mexican $21 - Spicy mexican beef, jalapeno, cheese & sour cream

Review - For our review I cant go past the Standard Parmigiana...and what a great choice it is! This is a moderate sized chicken Parmi that ticks all the boxes. The chicken here really is the winner (which is what we want). A nice thick chicken breast with a crunchy, flavoured crumb that gets better with every bite. The chicken is tender all the way through thanks to the consistent thickness, forming a solid base for a quality parmi.

Now the napoli sauce is what set this Parmi off as we have a home cooked, fresh napoli sauce that almost covers the whole chicken. Mixed in with this is the ham, shredded into rectangular prisms. One of the downsides to this fresh Napoli sauce is it is a touch overpowering and overshadows the ham. If you like sauce however, this is the Parmi for you! 

As expected the Parmi comes with chips and a side salad. The chips in particular should get their own mention. A moderate serving of beer battered, that are full of flavour and have a big crunch! The salad also is nicely garnished and just rounds out an overall solid Parmi.

For the price of this place, you cant go past this Parmi! Wash it down with a craft beer on tap and you are gonna have a good time!


Rating 8/10 - This is one of our favourite Parmi's! Not only does the Parmi excel but the venue increases the overall experience and satisfaction we get from the dish. The extra 3 additions to the standard is an interesting talking point and we cant wait to try them all! What lowers the value here is the napoli sauce, while fresh, is pretty strong. You can find the flavour over taking the Parmi and drowning out the over flavours.