Golf central brisbane - 40 The Circuit, Brisbane Airport QLD 4009

Reviewed  - 8 July 2015

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After being notified about this deal from one of our mates we decided to get ourselves over to Golf Central Brisbane to try their Parmi and Putt Putt deal. Both great activities to do on their own it was really a no brainer to combine the two in a nice little $25 deal (only a Thursday night).


Andrew - What you notice on arrival is what you should expect; this isn’t really a ‘restaurant’. You are out at a driving range so food capabilities are not priority, so the food offered is mostly your café style meals. I was a bit skeptical at what we might get seeing the lack of people eating but was relieved when our meals were served; a fresh, vibrant looking Parmi that was well presented.  A little bit of inconsistency across the board for our Parmi’s but that aside looks were great.

The chicken has a nice crunch helped by a thick panko crumbing. Chicken was of reasonable thickness but unfortunately there was a big downside for me. Towards the end of the meal I noticed the chicken was either a frozen breast or a off the shelf Parmi. My chicken started to get a bit rubbery and you could tell was not entirely fresh. Pretty disappointing and at times very unpleasant to eat. This was again inconsistent between the Parmi’s and with mine being most affected.

Contrary to that though the sauce provided was lovely and fresh. Onions, herbs and even chopped carrots all made there way into the fresh sauce that had an almost sweet flavour. It was not overpowering and worked well with the crumb. One key omission was the lack of ham. Sometimes a venue can pull this off but I felt it was needed here.

Salad and chips were pretty standard café style. Chips were crunchy beer battered chips and the salad was a reasonably fresh with a mustard dressing. I couldn’t fault the sides at all, only criticism for me would be the mustard dressing was pretty strong, just a matter of opinion.

Overall I felt a little let down by the Parmi. It started off well for me, but the chicken really disappointed towards the end of my meal and was not enjoyable to eat with the thick rubbery texture. One saving grace here for me was the Putt Putt; it’s hard to leave disappointed when you beat your mates at Putt Putt!

My Score - 6.8/10


Paul - This week we invited our old work mate Corey for a Parmi and a competitive game of putt putt…as it turned out the putt putt was very one sided.

After ordering our meals and exchanging banter on who would win putt putt the Parmi's arrived at our table not long after and they looked amazing!!!

The presentation of the chicken was good. The sauce and cheese were very central which left a border of panko crumbed chicken showing which started to make my mouth water.

The crumbed panko chicken was delicious, crunchy and flavoursome. The only downside here was the lack of ham and in parts the chicken was a bit tough.

Special mention goes to the Napoli sauce. It had a great homemade feel to it with big chucks of carrot and onion.

The beer battered chips were a great addition but the salad was a bit of a let down as parts of it were not fresh.

If you are looking for a good feed and enjoy some friendly competition then this is the place to head with your mates. I really enjoyed the relaxed feel of this venue.

For the record Andrew won putt putt by 7 strokes. 

My Score - 7.8/10


Corey - Reunited with my old work chums for the first time in ages, what better way to celebrate three years since I left that firm than by combining two of my favourite things, Parmi’s and Golf!

First impressions were a good size piece of chicken, panko crumb with a thick homemade sauce, golden beer battered chips and a decent side salad. The initial impressions were let down by the aforementioned salad however which featured a couple of tomato’s which were a bit green but at the end of the day it’s the bird we care about.

My Parmi was well cooked, moist and the panko crumb had a great crunchy bite to it, something that I look for in a Parmi. What really stood out was the sauce, a homemade Napoli  with a nice mix of herbs, onion and carrot, yes I said carrot. It was a winner for me. The chips were crunchy and were certainly a decent serve, the salad featured an interesting dressing, mustard based I believe and albeit for a couple of bad tomato’s, I didn’t mind it; however, it probably would not be to everyone’s taste buds.

Overall it was a pretty fair effort in my first guest review for the ParmiHunter boys and at $15 or $25 with a game of putt putt (on a Thursday night) it matches up to its price point.

My Score - 7.2/10


Average Rating 7.3/10 - Combining Putt Putt and a Parmi is a sure fire way to spice up a Thursday night. If you're looking for a great first date idea, or just want to rub in how much better at Putt Putt you are to your colleagues, then get out to Golf Central on a Thursday for their $25 deal!