George's paragon - Level 1/45 Eagle St, Brisbane QLD 4000

Reviewed  - 12 August 2015

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George's Paragon is a favourite among the city folks, offering fine dining meals for half price during lunch and early dinner service. You'll constantly find business meeting and corporate lunches here so it was really a surprise to see a Parmi on the menu. Being a fine dining venue we had expectations of a 'gourmet Parmi' and we were not let down.

Review: When the Parmi arrives you can tell that this is a fancier take on the classic, with fresh whole tomatoes on top. This is accompanied by mash and vegetables/spinach. Upon first bites you notice that is a reasonable thin chicken breast which also has a thinner crumb. No crunchy panko crumbs here, these are more your home made breaded crumbs. The chicken overall was pretty good, I did notice it started to dry out though towards the end as it was a thin piece. Sizing wise though it was a well proportioned piece. My favourite part of the chicken and crumb was the it was spiced with Greek herbs, which really enhanced the flavour.

The sauce was reasonably well spread; however, there really was not enough. I did enjoy using the tomato's on top to crack open and eat with the chicken which helped to boost the lacking sauce. The cheese was almost a mozzarella cheese and to be honest felt a little cheap considering the rest of the dish. That being said it did work well with the ham as this was a subtle flavour and was not overpowering.

On to the sides, it was refreshing to be presented with a different option then chips and salad being given mash and veggies instead. I'm not a huge fan of asparagus however so this went to the side, but the mash and spinach worked well with the fresh tomatoes. It was nice and fluffy mash which seemed to be that same across few other dishes that night.

Overall a well presented, 'fancy' take on the pub classic. At $20 during the half price menu this was a perfect choice. That being said, had this of been during normal trade and not half price times I would of felt a bit disappointed.



Rating 7.6/10 - For $20 during half price trading times this is a great choice. This is a fancy take on a pub classic that wont leave you feeling guilty for smashing a Parmi during a work lunch. Make sure to be seated during half price times to take up the special.