fringe bar - cnr Ann Street & Constance Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Reviewed  - 20 May 2015

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Situated on Constance Street there has been an influx of new venues to the Valley, none of which serve your classic pub meals like the Fringe Bar does. Heading out on a rainy night we teamed up with a few of our friends to try out the new special for the Fringe Bar; Parmi and Pale Ale for $16! With prices like that how could we not be keen?!


Andrew For starters I have to admit I was a little skeptical at what we might get for $16; considering the beer was a schooner of James Squire 150 Lashes, generally about $8 on its own; so all things aside this would be super cheap dinner option. 

Boy was I proven wrong when this well presented, large sized Parmi was placed down in front of me. The chicken is super crunchy and is not just a cheap frozen schnitzel that you sometimes find. I didn't have any issues with dryness or flavours and was very happy at the size of the bird given.

The real winner of the dish was the Napoli sauce. This was a sauce that had a bit of TLC put into it. Fresh onion, tomatoes and even red capsicum all made there way into the sauce. A huge burst of flavour that worked well with the cheese. I was so blown away by the sauce I didn't even realise there was no ham in the Parmi!! Paul had to remind me halfway through there was no ham, as I was just to preoccupied with the flavour to notice. Sometimes a big no-no, but on this occasion it wasn't a huge detraction for me.

The sides are your general shoestring fries and garnished salad. Nothing out of the ordinary except you get a decent serving of fries both under and to the side of the Parmi. They started to get a bit soggy after sitting under there for a while but that doesn't trouble me to much. Special mention of a free side of aioli for your chips, a nice little touch that was not expected.

I have to say, I was really amazed at the value and quality provided by the Fringe Bar in their Parmi. This is one of the special times where a cheap Parmi deal really delivers

My Score - 8.7/10

Paul -  After reading about the Fringe Bar Parmi and Beer for $16 a few weeks back I was excited to finally head there. Walking into the venue we were greeted by a group of over dressed speed daters. After Darren and Andrew handed out pointers on what not to say we finally sat down. Looking round the venue it was empty and I instantly became worried that I would be disappointed by the Parmi and Beer special. 

My worry was gone when the Parmi arrived at the table…it looked AMAZING!!!

The crumbed chicken was delicious, crunchy, flavoursome and moist…mixed with the toppings of Napoli sauce and cheese…it created the perfect mix of flavour. The only downside here was the lack of ham.

Special mention goes to the Napoli sauce. It had a great homemade feel to it. One of the best Napoli sauce I’ve ever had.

A generous portion of shoe string chips with aioli dip and a fresh tasty side salad turned this into a great Parmi. For $16 which includes a beer I was very satisfied.

Overall, this has to be one of the best value for money Parmi and beer specials in Brisbane.

My Score - 8.5/10


Rating - Average Score 8.6/10  - For $16 you get a schooner of James Squire and a super tasty Parmi. What else do we have to say? There is a lack of ham, but it makes up for it with fantastic sauce and cheap beer! If you can get there on a Wednesday - Friday period then you owe it to yourself to sample this gem!