Dalgety public house - 6a/110 macquarie street, teneriffe 4005

Reviewed  - 25 May 2017

Website - https://www.facebook.com/DalgetyHouse/

Whenever you hear Parmi deal you ears always perk up. $15 for a gourmet Parmi on a Thursday at Dalgety Public House caught our attention and we can say it was definitely well received.



Making our way over to Teneriffe, AKA, the out of your budget suburb, we were out to try the Parmi at Dalgety Public House. One interesting fact we had learned prior to sampling the Parmi, was that it has prosciutto in place of ham. Not a game changer in the way of substitutions but still a little point of different to help gourmet up the dish we all know and love.

Right off the bat you can tell this is a trendy place. Bustling with office workers winding down after a long day and with a range of high quality beers on tap this is not your average pub. We ordered our Asahi’s and took our seats awaiting our dinner.

First impressions of the Parmi are great. Well apportioned chicken, chips and salad all of a decent proportions. As mentioned this Parmi has been spiced up to include prosciutto in place of ham. This definitely added a nice touch and interesting change to the dish. The prosciutto cooks up similar to bacon, though much saltier, adding a small crunch along with the crumb. Super tasty homemade Napoli sauce and delicious, tender chicken always make for a good time.

Overall a super valuable, semi gourmet Parmi that is worth your time. There was mention of different flavoured Parmis while we visited but we didn’t get a chance to explore this option; which leaves the door wide open for a return visit.

My Score - 9.0/10

Paul - 

Everybody loves a Parmi special and with 4 to choose from at $15 each on a Thursday night, Dalgetys, in the trendy part of Teneriffe, offers something very special.

I ordered the traditional and when the Parmi arrived, boy did it look delicious.

The crumbed chicken was out of the world…crunchy and flavoursome…mixed with the toppings of Napoli sauce, cheese and prosciutto…it created the perfect mix of flavour with every bite. You don’t always get a Parmi with prosciutto on top but to me it is always a massive winner.

Special mention goes to the Napoli sauce which had a great homemade feel to it. One of the best Napoli sauces I’ve had in a while.

The skinny fries and salad were also a winner and were the perfect additional to this already great tasting Parmi.

The venue was busy and had a good vibe to it…it is a place I definitely see myself having a number of Sunday afternoon beers.

This is now in one of my favourite Parmi’s in Brisbane. Will be hard to beat.

My Score - 9.0/10


Rating - Average Score 9.0/10  - One of our new favourites around Brisbane, Dalgety's Public House boasts an impressive Parmi, made a little bit gourmet with its prosciutto topping. On a Thursday for $15 this definitely deserves your attention.