cleveland sands hotel - cnr bloomfield st & middle street, cleveland qld 4163

Reviewed  - 14 September 2017

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“Cleveland? Where's that? Oh on that train line.” This is the common phrase you’ll hear if you’ve ever grown up in the Redlands. Sitting out proudly in the South East, we ventured to the Cleveland Sands Hotel to see if their Parmi could keep up with the inner city competition.

Review: After both growing up in the Redlands, the ParmiHunter's know this Hotel all too well. A long standing establishment in the middle of Cleveland has gone through some major renovations in the last few years with a brand new bistro interior and very popular outdoor beer garden. Gone are the days of the drab insides, now replaces by modern, polished wood facades.

Much busier on Friday then I would have given it credit for I was genuinely excited to try the Parmi and I must say it did deliver. I huge meal arrived, with even the waiter exclaiming “Geez that looks like a good Parmi”. Chicken is the hero in this Parmi, with a huge, herbed crumbed breast piece cooked to perfection. At one stage I thought I couldn’t finish it but persistence pays off.

The toppings are mixed. We’ve got some shredded ham here that was stock standard and was not distrubted all that well (read; ham clumps). Cheese was also a touch underdone as I really want that golden fried topping. Napoli sauce however was refreshingly tasty. Chips and side salad also your standard, salad being served in a perfect inverted bowl shape.



Rating 8.0/10 - Overall a good Parmi that can stand up to the others. This is your classic Pub Parmi right here. Big meal portion and you know what your getting. Nothing special, just the classic done well.