Carindale hOTEL - 1151 cREEK ROAD, CARINDALE 4152

Reviewed  - 10 February 2015

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Situated inside the Westfield shopping complex this hotel has undergone a big transformation as part of the new Westfield fitout. As well as an aesthetic overhall, the menu here has also been upgraded, but the faithful Parmi remains!

Review: First impressions overall are pretty good; a nice looking, reasonably sized Parmi with decent serving of chips and side salad in its own little bowl. First tastes and it is quite delightful! The real downside here is the thickness of the chicken. Upon first cut you can tell straight away it is a thin breast piece. Not until I got further into the Parmi did it start to thicken out a bit (but not much). This thin breast leads to slightly dryer chicken which can definitely sour the dish. However delighted to say the taste of everything all together is on point which helps save this Parmi.

The crumb here gets its own mention as it has been combined with some fresh herbs and spices to give it its own flavour. This adds a nice little point of difference to the Parmi and is one of the only herbed crumbs we have come across yet!

On top of this we have a nice Napoli sauce that is fresh and homemade; no canned sauce here! A nice decent serving of sauce and cheese also is good to see as with this thin chicken breast the sauce needed to be decent to help with any potential dryness.

Have got to say the ham gets a little bit lost here though as yet again we see shredded ham. Going up against this strong fresh Napoli sauce really overpowers the ham. Unless you are really looking out for it, the flavour can go a bit to the wayside.

Chips although a little bit cold are super tasty! Crunchy beer battered chips always work well with a Parmi and we get a decent serving to the side and a few neatly tucked under the Parmi itself. You can even get a little gravy boat to go with your chips if you so desire, though I have to admit the gravy was average at best...maybe save your coin for a beer from the bar.

Side salad here gets its own special dish (ooo fancy!) and is nicely garnished! A really tasty salad that features nice fresh ingredients (almost a whole tomato was in there!) so I think it is definitely worthy of its own special dish.


Rating - 7/10:  Overall a decent Parmi! Chicken a little on the thin side which can dry out as it is sitting to be eaten, but the flavours of everything are all there to keep you going back for more. The addition of the herbs into the crumb is a nice little point of difference...and who doesn't love a salad in its own special dish!