carina leagues club - 1390 creek road, carina 4152

Reviewed  - 2 November 2017

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Winner of numerous awards, the Carina Leagues Club stands amongst the others as one of the top Clubs in QLD. Keeping to our roots we stayed in the southside and made our way over to the Club for a business dinner.


Andrew - Having been to this Club numerous times in the past it was exciting to finally get to come and try the Parmi here to see how it compares to the others. We metup with fellow Parmi connoisseur Colin who was keen to sample some Carina chicken Parmi!

Like most Club venues they turnover a huge trade in their kitchen, meaning their meals come out quick, hot and always to a high standard. That was no exception with this Parmi...Nicely cooked chicken breast with a great crumb. Toppings were also to a high standard with cheese grilled well on top and plenty of ham to go around. Little bit of a letdown on the sides but this is where we see a Club bistro trade shine through. Standard salad with no dressing in a bowl and your run of the mill chips. Both lacking in a bit of something that some of the other venues round the city are serving up.

Like most of your clubs, your bound to get a good feed and Carina Leagues is no different. Your pub classic done well!

My Score - 8.1/10

Paul - Having family in the Redlands and living in the city, I have driven past Carina Leagues Club on multiple occasion but had never thought to pop in for a bite to eat. After being invited along for a feed, it was time to change all that.

On first impression I was very impressed with the size of the Parmi, the chicken took up almost all of the plate. Underneath was a good portion of thick cut chips with the only disappointment of the presentation being the salad.

The chicken was soft and juicy with the crumbed coating not over cooked and with a nice crunch. The chicken was of reasonable thickness as well which helped to keep it nice and tender.

The real winner here is the toppings. The ham covered almost all of the crumbed chicken, the Napoli sauce serving was just right and the cheese was melted with that good blend of yellow and brown colours.

The thick cut chips went very well with this Parmi but more effort could have been put into the side salad, it was very plain and lacking flavour. 

Overall I really enjoyed this Parmi and doubling my money on the pokies afterwards made for a great night.

Overall, I was very happy with the Parmi and the club was packed out for trivia which made for a great atmosphere.

My Score - 8.8/10


Carina Leagues 1
Carina Leagues 2

Rating - Average Score 8.5/10  - A classic Club Parmi that will keep the punters coming back! You wont be disappointed.