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Reviewed  - 6 December 2018

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Andrew - Prost! The ParmiHunter boys finally managed to make it out to the Brisbane German Club for their Thursday night $15 Parmi special. This venue is a staple for any punter who either:

  1. Likes German food.

  2. Likes German beer.

  3. Likes an accordion playing cover artist named Andrew.

I happen to be fond of all 3, and as such it is always a pleasure to visit the German Club.

As we found out when we arrived the venue actually cycles their protein each week, and we happened to fall on the Veal side of fence. Initially a little put off being chicken ParmiHunter’s I was slightly hesitant…that being said, I don’t discriminate and was pleasantly surprised!

The Parmi was well prepared with a fresh seasoning of herbs on top. Plenty of crisped cheese to go around and the sauce was to die for, definitely the favourite part of my meal. As can be expected the veal was a little tougher then chicken, as its a leaner, thinner meat. It was however tasty and crumbed well. Washed down with a pint of Lowenbrau and you cant go wrong for $15. I’ll definitely be back to try the Brisbane German Club chicken Parmi when we can nut out the week chicken is on the menu!

My Score - 7.4/10

Derek- Ich bin ein Parmi-Jager! So, as Parmi Hunters, it was about time to visit the Zum Kaiser restaurant at the Brisbane German Club, Woolloongabba.

I was already very familiar with ze German Club, opposite the Gabba along Vulture street. The German Club is an ideal meeting spot for cricket and AFL matches or simply a Saturday night out featuring resident entertainer “Andrew”, playing Lady Gaga to the Chicken dance. The German Club’s annual Oktoberfest is a must for any beer lovers out there. And for me – a good parmi is best matched with a good beer – and there’s no better beer than a hearty German beer.
We were greeted with the soft rockabilly sounds of Roy Orbison in the bar, overlayed with the ringing of traditional German bells for the dance practice occupying the hall. At this point I wish I had been wearing my lederhosen and could join the dancing.

Thursdays are $15 parmi nights and alternate between chicken or veal. We were there for veal night. While disappointed at first, the cashier told us it was veally veally good. Having indulged in many a German Club chicken schnitzel, I was willing to branch out and give veal a go. Vhat do I have to lose?

The veal was thinly crumbed and crispy, though a little tough to cut through. A tasty tomato sauce covered the whole schnitzel, with small chunks of tomato and onion. The ham strips were thick and fatty, tasting almost like bacon strips, and likely grilled separately first. A stringy, lightly browned, mozzarella topped off the parmi, with a light herb sprinkle. And what better to wash it down with than a deliciously crisp pint of Erdinger. Prost!

While other boys opted for chips and salad I went with the German Club’s awesome mash potato and vegies. The winter vegies were cooked al dente, which made a nice combination with the smoothness of the mash potato. The mash is buttery and imported all the way from Germany. The Germans have designed a far superior potato.

It was a good thing I didn’t wear my lederhosen after all, as it would have been too tight on me after such a filling meal. Definitely great value for money. Knowing how awesome their chicken schnitzels are I will be back another night for a chicken parmi, along with a few more German beers and the chicken dance.

My Score - 7.3/10

Darren - The perfect spit roast – Two 7inch sausages

Although this is not a parmi review, the boys at Parmihunter are always up for a good story.

I received a late call up from the Parmihunter boys to meet up and head to a Brisbane favourite the German Club. The German club is always a good night out for any night of the week and that night was no different, the beer was flowing, food serving’s were massive and affordable and in the next hall the locals were dancing to some German beer drinking classics.

It was parmi night which means $15 parmi’s and the meat in the parmi changes every week which provides a great variety for those parmi experts. Tonight’s Parmi was veal, which looked delicious.

 Unfortunately, being unable to eat or consume gluten in a German Pub is like being tortured with a pineapple by the Fuhrer himself. Not much fun but whenever the Parmihunter Boys call I am here as its always a night of fun, unpredictability and good times.

Let’s talk sausage. The good news is that food wise the German Club does cater for Glute-tards like myself and I was greeted by an extensive meat menu. Although I am sure the Steaks are great, I felt like visiting a German restaurant you have to choose a German favourite, I chose the classic German (pork) Sausages. I was a little intimidated by the massive serving, two thick 7inch sausages (with mustard), mash potato, veges and sauerkraut. These sausages were delicious, thick and a little difficult to get in your mouth for the unexperienced, but I am sure anyone that has experience eating thick and good sausages won’t have a problem. After the meal, I felt extremely full and satisfied and would definitely recommend a sausage at the German Club as it won’t disappoint. 

My Score - 8.5 sausages out of 10

Brisbane German Club Parmi
Brisbane German Club Parmi 3
Brisbane German Club Parmi 2
German Club Parmi 4
German Club Parmi 5

Rating - Average Score 7.4/10  - Numerous Parmi meats on offer (chicken, veal and pork) will keep the punters coming back for more. At $15 on a Thursday you cant go wrong! Das ist gut!