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Reviewed  - 6 January 2016

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Having heard some good things about this Parmi, a few of our friends gathered in trendy West End to try out what Brisbane Brewing Co has on offer! One thing is for sure; you are spoilt for choice here!


Heading out on a large storm to West End wouldn't be at the top of our list of things to do, but we were on a mission to try the Parmi at Brisbane Brewing Co! Daniella, Sarah, Ben, Meg and Nathan all came with hungry stomachs ready to see the hype.

Straight away you can tell you are in West End with a large assortment of craft beers and trendy patrons. Along with this you then see the high price tag on the Menu for the Parmi - $30 with two sides. This is one of the most expensive Parmi's I've had so far so I was really keen to see if it was a case of quality or quantity.

First thing you notice about the dish is the addition of two sides. There is a choice of 16 different sides and salads, such as haloumi skewers, charred corn cobs and jalapeno hushpuppies to name a few. The sides are really what won us over on the night and provide great additions to the dish. If we can make a recommendation the apple slaw was a hit among the table!

Onto the Parmi itself overall we had mixed feelings. It is a well crumbed, handmade chicken breast schnitzel; though not overly large in size, it made up for it in flavour. It is also very well presented with perfectly melted cheese and sauce and a light garnishing of salad. The only let down for the majority of the table was the actual sauce itself. While we expected a traditional tomato napoli sauce, we all had a bolognaise type sauce featuring bits of mince. Something about the sauce just seemed a bit off from everything else in the dish and didn't really work. That being said, the cheese and ham on top were very tasty and melted perfectly. The Parmi itself certainly is delicious and filling, and with the sides on offer you are not going to feel let down at the price point.

For $30 we expected quality and we did feel we got this, the reasoning for this was in the side dishes. These all were big highlights of the meal for everyone, Meg  even offered to finish everyone's leftover apple slaw if they didn't want it (it is that good!).

Meg, Nathan, Andrew, Ben, Sarah and Daniella

Meg, Nathan, Andrew, Ben, Sarah and Daniella

Rating 8.6/10 - At $30 this Parmi is the top of the cost list in the Brisbane area. Is it worth the cost?...We think so! With over 16 different sides to try and a homemade crumbed chicken breast this Parmi will not disappoint. Wash it down with several different craft beers and you can't go wrong!