brewhouse brisbane - 601 stanley street, wooloongabba 4102

Reviewed  - 27 July 2017

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After numerous tip off's to try this Brisbane hotspot, we ventured out to see what the fuss was all about. Bringing along out Gold Coast correspondent Sam we put this iconic venue to the test.


Andrew - After hearing so much about this Parmi I was super excited to try it. The venue itself is really nice and has had a worthwile refurb lately. Ontop of this the staff here are really friendly and actually went out of their way to accommodate us. Upon browsing the menu I was taken back to my experience at Brisbane Brewing Co, where a large offering of hot and cold sides are presented and given to substitute the main. We all decided to mix our sides up slightly so we could give everything a go. The next thing you notice is the price tag that goes along with this luxury…$30! This has got to be the top of the standard Parmi price point I have ever had and really comes with an expectation of greatness.

When the parmi arrived we all had the same thought….it’s a little small? I think the price point had thrown us all into a portion control daze, expecting the most chicken for your buck you could buy. What we got was a dabble into the ‘gourmet’ market. The Parmi itself was very tasty; a well crumbed herbed breast that was tender throughout. The toppings however left a little to be desired with nowhere near enough sauce and ham that was sliced and sparingly applied atop the chicken.

The kicker here is the sides and the various options supplied. I feel too much emphasis has been given to the sides and justifying their existence with a high price point, as the Parmi itself is not worth $30 in both its quality and size. The sides are good, no qualms about that, but without them this Parmi doesn’t stand on its own and at the end of the day, I am here for a Parmi and not the sides.

I believe there is a $15 Parmi night on Mondays which could really bring this into a valuable price point, but there is a few areas that need to be improved for it to really shine.

My Score - 6.2/10

Paul - When adding a new client to our system at work we give them a client code which is the first 3 letters of their last name followed by the first 3 letters of their first. When adding our mate Sam to the system to prepare his tax return his code was “DIESAM”…to show that we did not want Sam to die and to say sorry we invited him along to join us on this review.

Living in South Bank I have driven past the Brewhouse on hundreds of occasions. After many shout outs on Instagram to give their Parmi a go we decided to finally pop in.

Normally when seeing a Parmi priced at $30 your eyes would fall out of your head but once reading that you can pick any 2 sides, and with 10+ sides to choose from, the pain of having to pay $30 slowly went away. 

The presentation of the chicken was good. Although it looked small, once you started to cut into the chicken it was a nice thick piece. The sauce and cheese were very central which left a boarder of crumb chicken showing. The only downside here was the lack of ham and once I got towards the end of my meal, I had no Napoli sauce left.

The two side I went for were the potato and bacon salad and the sweet potato fries. In my opinion, they were the perfect match for this meal.

The venue fit out looked very new and the staff were super friendly and very knowledgeable. If you like choice and have always wanted to mix up your sides with your Parmi then the Brewhouse Brisbane is your venue. If you don’t like to spend too much on a Parmi then best to stay away OR hit up Monday nights for cheap Parmi night.

My Score - 7.9/10

Sam - Brisbane Brewing Company’s Brisbane Brewhouse in Woolloongabba is another establishment contributing to Brisbane’s ever-growing craft beer culture. The venue resembles an American-style bar with an extensive food and drinks menu. As well as the many imported international bottled beers list, they also feature rotating taps, plus eight of their own specialty made beers.

From bacon and brisket bruschetta, to a large 1kg butterflied lamb leg; the food menu boasts a large selection. As nice as the rest of the menu looked, we came here for one thing only – the Chicken Parmi.

At $30 the Parmi is on the dearer side of things, though with the option of choosing between up to 20 hot and cold sides, this Parmi is fully customisable. While the option to go the usual ‘chips and salad’ is there, why stick to basics with options like Maple bacon popcorn, Jalapeno Hushpuppies and a fresh Appleslaw?

The parmi itself is a nice thick, juicy herb panko-crumbed chicken breast that just melts in your mouth. As for the toppings, this is where it started to let me down. The sauce itself was a rich tomato and herb sauce; however with barely enough sauce to cover the entire parmi, the flavour was overtaken by the thick chicken schnitzel. The ham was nice and thickly cut, though once again only a few pieces on the actual parmi meant that the ham seemed to go unnoticed. The cheese was a nice golden brown colour, lots of stretch and seemed to be done quite well.

This parmi could have been sensational - I’d like to think that we got it on a bad night. Though for $30, you’d hope to get more sauce and larger bits of ham to top the nice schnitzel off perfectly. If it wasn’t for the large range and customizable option of the sides I would’ve been very let down.

Definitely check out their parmi night’s on every Monday. Unfortunately the beauty of choosing sides goes as the price drops, though for $15 for a parmi with chips and coleslaw… I don’t see how you can lose.

My Score - 6.6/10


Rating - Average Score 6.9/10  - At a price point of $30 this should be your top of the line Parmi. Without the range of accompaning sides this Parmi falls a little flat at it high price point. For $15 on a monday night you would be on to a level playing field.