The bracken Ridge Tavern - 154 barrett street, bracken ridge qld 4017

Reviewed  - 17 May 2018

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Review: Tuesday nights at the Bracken Ridge Tavern are PARMARAMA nights! I had heard many a good word about the Parmi at BRT so decided to join some friends who are locals and ventured to the Northside!

The PARMARAMA menu gives you a selection of 5 different Parmis. After changing my mind several time I finally landed on the Mexican…toppings on the Mexican included sauce, beef brisket, cheese and jalapeños.

This Parmi was delicious!!! The chicken was a very generous size with an amazing tasting crumb coasting. The cheese was cooked to perfection with a great brown and gold colour. The beef brisket was juicy and tender and the whole thing was topped with jalapenos which helped to create that extra flavour BANG!

To add to the experience was a decent portion of beer battered chips, a fresh side salad and a drink of your choice (as I was driving I went with the soda water).

Overall, this Parmi was full of flavour and great colours. I highly recommend you get down and give it a try.

Bracken Ridge Tavern Parmi
Bracken Ridge Tavern Parmi

Rating - Score 9.1/10  - Super keen to head back on PARMARAMA night and work my way through all the flavours! 9.1/10.