big fellas pizza - Gooding Drive, Merrimac QLD 4226

Reviewed  - 2 April 2015

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After a big day out fishing on the gold coast harbour we had all built up a large appetite for a Parmi dinner. This place has been recommended to us as one of the best Parmi's on the Gold Coast and that you get a huge Parmi...perfect for 3 hungry lads!


Andrew - Who says size doesn't matter?? This Parmi is literally the biggest I have ever seen (I was even impressed with the size of the plate it came out on).

This Parmi consists of about 3-4 chicken breasts all held together with a monster amount of toppings. The chicken is not super crunchy, and this gets less so as a long time passes as you try to ingest this beast. That being said all of the chicken is a great thickness and didn't dry out while I was eating.

A bit of a letdown for me here was the lack of Napoli sauce. The sauce we did get eventually soaked into the crumb so the other toppings were a bit overwhelming. The ham and cheese were amazing though, bit point for the thick chopped pieces of ham, I loved it!

The sides were OK. Your pretty standard chips and salad combo, but they just get neglected because you are working your way through this Parmi. They both added a little distraction to the main course, which is the way it should be!

This Parmi is seriously the best value Parmi you can find for under $20 you get a massive dinner and lunch the next day (unless you choose to make it your mission to finish like Chris did). I am astounded that they can sell this for the price and will happily be going back.

My Score - 8.4/10

Paul - OHHHH SHHIITTTT!!!! What a monster of a Parmi.

After reading many reviews about Big Fellas and the size of the Parmi I was very keen to see it for myself…and it did not disappoint…this thing was HUGE!!!

Starting from the corner closest to me I noticed a few things…the chicken breast was a good thickness, the crumbed outside was crispy with a bit of spice, the cheese was soft with a gold brown look, there were heaps of chopped ham on top and the sauce had bits of mince which was interesting.

As I worked my way towards the middle things started to go downhill. The crumbed outside was becoming soggy and the cheese was cooling down and turning hard. I needed a personal heater to help keep the cheese warm and soft.

The chips were your average oven ready chip and I won’t talk about the salad because you don’t go to Big Fellas to eat a salad.

For under $20 this Parmi is great value for money. The trip is worth it but be prepared to be eating leftovers for lunch the next day.

My Score - 8.1/10

Chris - “Shit the bed!” My initial reaction when the waiter came to the table with my order. Straight off the bat - double the size of any Parmi I have ever seen. I was told this Parmi was big but it was a lot bigger than my expectations.

Presentation was satisfactory, Cheese melted to a golden brown, crispy ham, even spread of sauce. Sides were your standard crap pub salad and pre-packaged oven ready chips; nothing great.

Chowing into this bad boy however was an experience. Initial thoughts were great. Crunchy edges, well-cooked moist chicken, slightly spicy crumb… however as you start to really get into this monster you lose all enjoyment and it becomes a chore...Granted this is most likely because I made it my mission to finish it.  

Recommendations - Share the workload with a mate. Two people will easily enjoy and finish this meal, but as a solo job it’s a little much.

For a $20 Parmi you will be very satisfied. This place is well worth the drive and I challenge anyone to find a bigger Parmi in QLD.

My Score - 8/10


Rating - Average Score 8.2/10  - This is one of the biggest Parmi's we have ever come across; you will not find a better value for money Parmi on the coast. The Sunshine Coast has the Big Pineapple and I think we found the Gold Coast's answer to that!