Beenleigh sports club - 28a alamein street, beenleigh 4207

Reviewed  - 19th February 2015

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So we do a bit of work out this way and have visited the club before for some of their lunch specials so it was only natural to come and give the Parmi here a go. This Club is a little out of Brisbane City; about half way to the Gold Coast. Their restaurant the 'Bull 'N' Barra' has got on offer 5 different Parmi's to enjoy. Straight from their menu we have:

  • Classic $22 - Napoli sauce, ham and melted cheese
  • Hawaiian $23  - Ham, pineapple and melted cheese
  • Mexican $24 - Chilli con carne, salsa, melted cheese, guacamole and sour cream
  • French $25 - Camembert, avocado, bacon and hollandaise
  • Seafood $26 -  A mix of fresh seafood, seafood mornay sauce and melted cheese

A very interesting lineup here with two new comers even for us, the French and Seafood Parmi's. For our review we have stuck with the Classic ; however, we are pretty intrigued by these other additions so watch this space for a re-review down the track!

Review: Straight away the Parmi looks amazing, how could you not be happy with something like that getting put down infront of you! A big serving of chicken with generous helpings of ham on top. The chicken itself is somewhat deceiving as it is actually quite a thin breast piece. That being said it still retained alot of its moisture keeping it nice and tender. Something I'm a big fan of is a nice crispy crunch, and this Parmi delivers! A super crunchy crumb that keeps on crunching the whole way through.

Moving on however we hit a bit of a snag in the road. The napoli sauce is somewhat average and left me feeling like it was 'straight from the jar'....a bit of sad point. I could be wrong on that, but overall the flavour just feels a bit off... The Ham and cheese however are great additions, the ham being thinly shredded pieces and generously placed all over.

The chips are also pretty good, maybe a bit on the overdone side, but with a little chicken salt added on top you cant complain too much. A nice little addition is that a gravy boat can be added for no extra cost, which is always a winner. Side salad is fresh and garnished with a caesar like dressing; its nothing special on its own but does have its own little charm.

Beenleigh 1
Beenleigh 2

Rating - 7.5/10: Overall a decent Parmi that left us feeling full and satisfied! The winner here is the crunchy chicken breast and generous helpings of ham which save the Parmi from a uninspiring sauce! With 5 different Parmi's on offer there's plenty here to get your Parmi fix!