Beach House Maroochydore -  154-164 Horton Parade, Maroochydore qld 4558

Reviewed  - 4 May 2015

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Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we decided to take up the 1kg Parmi challenge at the Beach House Maroochydore. Off the menu, this challenge is not for the weak with 3 Parmi's stacked on top of each other this is truly a sight to see.


Andrew - It’s not often do you get to see three breast; it’s unusual, confronting and it makes you question everything you have ever known.

We took it upon ourselves to indulge in the Beach House Maroochydore’s 1kg Parmi Challenge to put our abilities to the test. After a long day at golf we built up a health appetite that only a Parmi and beer could quench, but nothing could prepare us for what arrived.

3 Huge chicken breasts stacked upon one another, each with their own individual layers of Napoli sauce and ham. I have never seen anything quiet like this before, this really is a Parmi to behold.

What starts out as an exciting, fresh, delicious meal turns into a labour of love towards the end as you persevere for gloating rights of who can finish this monster Parmi. The Parmi for me was very tasty, nice crispy chicken, fresh Napoli sauce and so much cheese even a Frenchman would have to do a double take. As time ticks away throughout the challenge though you are faced with the fate Parmi’s can suffer if left to exposure; the crumb absorbs the sauce and the cheese hardens. Like I said, it does turn into a labour of love to finish it. I really enjoyed the Parmi overall though, all the flavours were there and multiplied by 3…how can you not like that?

I regret to inform you that the Parmihunters were unable to finish their 1kg Parmi’s that day. The Beach House Maroochydore may have won the battle, but trust me, we will win the war

My Score - 7.8/10

Paul - I have no words to say…I have failed at life as an adult…again!

Growing up as a kid I would always study hard and play hard. I never failed an exam and I never lost a sporting grand final (1 from 1). Now, as an adult, I failed a handful of Uni exam, failed many CA exams, lost a cricket grand final last year and now…I couldn’t finish a Parmi challenge.

When rumours went round that Beach House Maroochydore had a 1KG Parmi I thought “NO PROBS”. Once it arrived at the table in front of me my thought changed to “SHIT!!!!” This monster looked more like 1.5KG!

The chicken was a great sized portion with a good consistent thickness. The crumbed outside was crispy to start with but due to the size and time to get through this bad boy, it started to lose its charm. The Napoli sauce has a great homemade feel to it and the cheese was cooked very well with brown spots, which is what I like to see.

The winner for me was the choice of salads…coleslaw, garden or Caesar. I always go a coleslaw over the others.

In summary, if you are after a challenge hit up the triple stack. If you are after enjoyment go with the single.

My Score - 8.0/10

Shannon - I have to say that when the menu said Monster Parmi it didn’t really do it justice. This thing was huge; it would have been at least 3 chickens on that plate.

At first sight the meal was very well balanced on chicken schnitzel on top of the other equally a tower of 3 delicious Parmi’s. The cheese was a little plain but a very generous serving covering the whole meat selection like running lava. The Napoli sauce was also layered perfectly in between all layers and allowed a humble flavour to wash down the melted cheese.

I unfortunately was bested by the monster Parmi and commend anyone who has the courage and appetite to be able to go head to head with this beast of a dish.

If you are a lover of the the Parmi it is definitely a must have to tick off the list.

My Score - 7.5/10


Rating - Average Score 7.8/10  - Ever felt like eating a never ending Parmi? Bested by the challenge we can safely say this is what it feels like to try the 1kg Parmi challenge at the Beach House Maroochydore. Take your friends and see who is really up to the challenge.