Bavarian Bier cafe - Eagle street Pier, 1/45 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Reviewed  - 18 November 2015

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A popular bar and restaurant with all your favourite European dishes, The Bavarian Bier Cafe in Brisbane City features a European take on the Parmi. Known for the schnitzels I was keen to see how well their schnitzel could perform in the Parmi rating system


As mentioned this is not your conventional Parmi, as the menu does not even claim this to be a Parmi; here we find it called a Swiss Schnitzel! So how does it make it into our list you may ask? Well as we have seen on our Parmi endeavours around the state….everyone has their own take on the dish! Of course everyone likes something different and all of them have their own unique elements, so for us the only thing that is different here is a lack on Napoli Sauce. Now I know this is a critical component of a Parmi, but hear me out.

This ‘Parmi’ features crumbed chicken, double smoked ham and melted Swiss cheese, with some lovely accompaniments of your choice (I went for chips and sauerkraut). Pretty much the makings of the perfect Parmi right? As I said, the only thing we miss here is a Napoli sauce. Granted it can make or break a Parmi; I felt being in a European restaurant you should take it all with a grain of salt (pun intended).

Onto the dish itself we have a huge, fleshed out piece of chicken that is cooked extremely well. Keeping it this stretched out really keeps the thickness in check across the whole bird so no thick or thin bits to speak off. The double smoked ham really shines through with the addition of Swiss cheese. Not really having Swiss cheese on a Parmi to date this could be a real winning point for other restaurants to consider adding. It melts so well and really gives a punchy cheese taste you can sometimes miss. Of course it does feel a little dry without a Napoli sauce but a generous lashing of lemon mixed with a bit of tomato sauce and you can almost disguise it as your regular Parmi.

I really love the Bavarian Bier Café for my Friday afternoon drinks and am glad to know there is some sort of Parmi alternative that can fill a hole if needed. Sure there is no Napoli sauce but they aren’t trying to sell it as a Parmi so you can’t punish them for it. Overall an awesome meal if you are out with friends for drinks – it is however a bit steep on price at $29! 



Rating 7.9/10 - A delicious take on the Parmi from our European friends at the Bavarian Bier Café. A lack of Napoli sauce really does hurt, but is made up for with fantastic smoked ham and cheese. Wash this down with a stein of Lowenbrau and you can't go wrong!