Aniketos Greek Mediterranean Restaurant - 64 Karbunya St, Mermaid Waters QLD 4218

Reviewed  - 24 July 2015

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Heading down to the Gold Coast for a bucks weekend the boys were on my case to get a good Parmi for us to try. Somewhere that has been on my list for a while is Aniketos Greek Restaurant. Having seen some pics of the Parmi on social media and hearing its reputation for size and as a winner of awards on the Gold Coast I knew it would be a good choice.

Andrew - After being nicely greeted by the waitress we took our spots and awaited the meal. Not the traditional scene for a Parmi (I'm getting accustomed to pubs) it is obvious you are at a greek restaurant by the décor and music. When it arrived we were all taken back by the size of the Parmi. It really is a sight to behold and every time I get a large Parmi like this I always wonder how the find such big plates to put them on! Featuring a reasonable side of chips and a fresh Greek salad in a bowl the sides get overshadowed by the size of the meal; something you have to applaud.

On first but you notice that the chicken is a rather slim thickness, which is probably more of a blessing due to the size of it. What it doesn’t lack in thickness it makes up for in size. Generally your thin break schnitzels can be rather dry but this chicken was tender throughout. I have to admit I did not make it through the full meal but I gave it a real crack. The winner was our revered buck who managed to down the whole meal (sides included) and even an additional pot of gravy. As we were alerted after the meal, that does not happen often!

What obviously stands out when you see the Parmi is that the cheese almost covers the whole meal. This is very impressive again considering the size. It’s only when you get halfway through you realize you had probably eaten a weeks worth of cheese, but it is forgiven given the quality. I really enjoyed the topping and felt their additional was balanced well to the size of the chicken. The topping didn’t take over the chicken but rather fitted in nicely with the amount you were eating.

Chips and side salad were also tasty. You find with these big Parmi’s you just barely scratch the surface of your sides and this was the case for me. I can’t say I gave enough love to both the sides but from what I could get through of the salad it was light and refreshing and served as a variation to the Parmi.

Overall I left very impressed with Aniketos. The size of the Parmi really is amazing and you are given a nice little take away container when you can’t finish (which ill estimate is 80% of the time). Even getting through half this Parmi will fill you up so be prepared to eat!

My score 8.7/10 

John When told that we were going to a Greek restaurant for a Parmi my skepticism was fairly high. However after a reasonable wait my doubts were quickly cast aside. What arrived in front of me was unexpected. I was told that this Parmi would be large. But it was mammoth. At lease twice the size of any Parmi I’ve eaten before

The Parmi arrived well presented with a side of chips and a Greek salad; I also ordered gravy on the side, which was exceptional. A thick layer of cheese and herbs covers the Parmi, very thick; fears of cardiac arrest came to mind. However this Parmi is in no way disguised as a healthy option.

Digging in the first bite cast aside all doubts of a second rate Parmi, it was quality. The taste is full, but not over blown. The scope of this Parmi is not to be underestimated. Immediately around the table doubts are cast as to whether this beast can be finished.

I powered on through, my main aim to finish of the whole dish including the salad which was crisp and fresh and the chips which were a solid addition to the meal. I completed the entire thing including gravy; this is nothing short of being an exceptional eater of food. No one else at the table managed this feat and boy did I let everyone know what I had just accomplished.

Over all a delicious meal, I left feeling extremely full but satisfied non-the less

My score 8.1/10 

Gilbert - This Parmi is a beast. It is probably the size of 4 normal Parmi's– Kim Kardashian would feel uncomfortable fitting this big piece of meat inside her.

It starts with the first normal portion that you would get from a pub menu. The topping is like a ham and cheese pizza that has been scraped off a boring crust and put on top a juicy chicken schnitzel.

The second and third portion of the beast is when you realise you may be on your way to a cheese induced coma. The flavour tricks you at this stage, because your stomach says no more, but your taste buds say yes, yes, yes (I’ll have what she’s having).

The last portion sits there on your plate, laughing at you. I couldn’t get through any more chips and gravy (note, their gravy is amazing) because that was too filling, but I at least had to finish the Parmi.

I dug deep and found room in my appendix I wasn’t using and finished the beast one grueling mouthful at a time. Looking glassy eyed at the Parmi free plate, the ending from Babe came to mind, ‘that’ll do pig, that’ll do’.

My score 9.5/10Flavour is 9/10 and the value is a 10/10. Maybe just split it between two people


Rating - Average Score 8.8/10: It was a treat to come and sample one of the biggest Parmi's on the coast. This is the type of Parmi that wont leave you wanting more...but for the right reasons...there is to much here to start with! Do yourself a favour and go see the lovely people at Aniketos and take on this Parmi if you are up to the challenge! There is a reason it has won so many awards!