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Hunting for Queensland's best parmi

Dreamt up by Brisbane boys Andrew & Paul who both share a love affair with the treasured Australian dish; Parmihunter is for the people of Queensland to be able to have first hand knowledge of their closest Parmi and just how good it is!

Do you prefer lots of sauce? Maybe you can't get enough of the cheese on top? Whatever it is that makes a chicken Parmi special to you, with ParmiHunter you will be able to find the perfect Parmi in your area!

We have a rigorous scoring system that we apply to all the Parmi's we try. So you can see how we get to our scores, below is our rating system:

  • Price/10

  • Chicken/10

  • Toppings/10

  • Sides/10

  • Venue/10


Keep your eyes peeled as ParmiHunter makes their way around the state hunting for the best Parmi we can find!



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