3 Little Pigs Tavern - 12/400 stafford road, Stafford 4053

Reviewed  - 18 March 2016

Website - http://www.threelittlepigstavern.com/

Situated in the shopping complex at Stafford is the 3 Little Pigs Tavern. With 10 different Parmi's on offer and the idea of Parmi bingo we were intrigued as to what the Tavern may offer.


Andrew - Ahh the Northside, a land many of us Southsiders dare not go to. Well I had to suck it up after receiving a tip from guest reviewer Derek about the 3 little pigs Tavern in Stafford that has quite a collection of Parmi’s.

Upon arrival we saw the extensive menu and were informed of the family fun game of ‘Parmi Bingo’.  With over 10 different Parmi’s on offer if you line up all the Parmi’s in a row you can get a free Parmi on your next visit. A neat little addition to the Hotel that makes use of the large array of Parmi’s and ensures you can try them all out.

Being a traditionalist I of course opted for the tried and true original Parmi with Napoli sauce, ham and mozzarella, leaving the adventurous Parmi’s for the 3 other little piggies I dined with.

First impressions of the Parmi were relatively high. A nice thick piece of chicken, well topped and sitting atop your standard chips and salad. Nothing out of the norm, but nothing disappointing either.  Chicken is nicely crumbed in Panko crumbs with a nice crunch all the way though. My piece was particularly thick in the middle however had dried out a bit throughout the cooking process especially at the ends where it was thin, bordering on burnt.

Flavours were also pretty good. A nice Napoli sauce that was pretty strong. I have a sneaking suspicion this may be a can sauce but cant be sure, it does leave a strong aftertaste in your mouth that can sometimes be a sign of a canned sauce. Cheese nice and melted through on top a generous serving of ham.

Sides of chips and standard salad are just what you expect..standard. No bells and whistles here on the sides front.

Overall for me the standout was the crumb and size of the chicken. A generous Parmi at the $20 price tag but nothing out of the ordinary for its price point. I really like the idea of Parmi bingo, giving the punters an idea to come back and try them all!

My Score - 7.1/10

Derek - Before arriving I did wonder about a tavern attached to a suburban shopping centre, though the allure of a nice juicy parmi was too strong. A good thing; as I was pleasantly surprised on arriving at Three Little Pigs tavern. 

The main entrance is via a bottle shop with a boutique feel. The tavern has a trendy bent to it, with mismatched chairs and stools and an outdoor area too. It was at the bar on the glass fridge doors that Three Little Pigs proudly displays their contribution to the parmi cause, “PARMY BINGO”.

With a Bingo card boasting 16 different parmi’s to choose from, patrons are encouraged to complete a row of four, vertically, horizontally or diagonally, to receive the unquestionably awesome prize of a free parmi. Bingo!

The first of the 16 parmi’s that took my attention was the Mac & Cheese, but unfortunately wasn’t available. I’m intrigued enough to revisit another time to try this and complete my bingo card.

My next option was the Meat Lovers. The large panko crumbed chicken was perfectly crisp on the outside while juicy on the inside. With ham, salami and sausage bits, the meat coverage was decent, while the cheese could have done with more time under the grill. With your choice of chips and salad or mash and vegies, the fair serving of chips and salad didn’t disappoint. After a filling and delicious meal, this little piggy left very satisfied all the way home.  

I’ll definitely hold onto my bingo card for another visit. Overall, while not a 67 made in heaven, definitely a 34 ask for more

My Score - 8.0/10

Darren - With great glee and excitement, I have had the opportunity to review a Parmi at The Three Little Pigs Inn to in digest one of their delicious Parmi’s! This was extra special as they have a gluten free option on the menu which is extremely rare and very keen to try as gluten is my kryptonite.

This tale and adventure begins when my driver for the evening PL Coffey arrived in Daisy Duke - his 1998 Daitshu Sirion. Daisy Duke has all the resemblance of a classic features 1998 model car - Cassette AM/FM radio, no power steering, no air conditioning, no power windows with the battle scars on the outside that shows she is very experienced and being around the block a few times. While not young in age, this old diesel always gets you where you need to go with no fuss and always up for some fun!

As a southsider, The Three Little Pigs Tavern is a tough one to find as its located in the Stafford Shopping Centre. Car parking after 6pm is extremely easy and pretty much guaranteed a park near the door, which was great! The ambiance of the Tavern is relaxed, casual and more of a family restaurant feel then Pub however this could be because it was a Thursday night. The Parmi menu was quiet extensive and as a lover of all things Mexican, I couldn’t resist there Mexican Parmi!  Good news that most Parmi's can be ordered in gluten free.

When the Parmi arrived, I was experiencing gluten envy and extremely jealous of the other boys Parmi's! Their Parmi's looked delicious and massive! I was a little disappointed with my small grilled breasts with a fist full of sour cream and at this point I realised I wanted to rub my face in the other boys Parmi's! From the moans and groans from the other boys, they were really enjoying there Parmi's. I felt like that guy that goes to your school formal without a date just to keep his options open and expect girls to talk to him, it just doesn’t work.

Overall I did eat my entire meal and enjoyed my not so Parmi! If you looking for a relaxed place with an extensive Parmi menu then the Three Little Pigs is for you!

My Score - 7.0/10

Paul -  One thing I have never liked about group reviews is that I always seem to be on the other end of harsh criticism whether it is about my sex life or my choice of transport. Luckily, my review always goes last.

Her name is not Daisy Duke, it is Betsie “the Silver” Bullet, she was born 2002, she has A/C, power steering AND power windows and unlike Darren’s mode of transport it does not get around the block that often.

If you are ever in the city on weekends you will more than likely see Darren driving round in a baby blue FIAT with the roof down, normally on his way to a hair and nail appointment or possibly a dress fitting.  

Now back to the real reason we are here…

After changing my mind several times from a choice of multiple Parmi’s I finally landed on the Meat Lovers…and boy did I fall in love. The Panko crumbed chicken was out of the world…crunchy, flavoursome and moist…mixed with the toppings of ham, salami, sausage, cheese and BBQ sauce…it created the perfect mix of flavour with every bite.

Special mention goes to the chicken portion size. I did order the Large but if you are hungry it is definitely worth paying the extra few dollars.

The beer battered chips went very well with this Parmi and the garden salad was fresh.

If you are looking for a different style of Parmi or love a good choice then you need to head to the Three Little Pigs tavern. The only downside is if you are not from the Northside the venue may be challenging to find.

Overall I thought this was a very tasty Parmi with the chicken being the big winner

Score - 8.5/10


Rating - Average Score 7.7/10  - If you are venturing near the Northside then the 3 Little Pigs Tavern could be a nice stopoff for Parmi's with over 10 differend Parmi's on offer. With Parmi Bingo available for the punters pop in and try your luck!